“Selfie-Discipline” #6 – Schedule & Prioritize “To Dos”

All of us have things we need to do. It is helpful to establish a daily routine for capturing and tracking these items. There are a variety of digital and analog tools available, all of which have both pros and cons. What matters is that you both USE and TRUST the tool you select.

A good list is one that is constantly evolving. Each time you think of something you need to do, it should be immediately added to your list. Ideally, your list will be dated, meaning that you are intentionally choosing which tasks to do on which day. It helps to have a system that allows you to enter tasks on days in the future. When adding new items to your list, consult your calendar so you can schedule them on days when you have time to address them.

Each evening, review your list. Note your progress on your list, and “reschedule” any tasks that you didn’t get completed by putting them on your list for another day in the future. Then, look ahead to tomorrow. Put a star (*) next to the 2-3 tasks that are most important… the ones you really must accomplish. This will force you to work in order of importance, rather than in order of convenience or ease. In the morning, quickly remind yourself of the day’s obligations and off you go!

How do you track your “to dos?” Do you prioritize your list?

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  1. I used to use a physical planner. But now I use a digital one. But overall agree that being able to have a list daily helps to get things done in a timely and orderly fashion ?

    1. Physical and digital are both good choices. If I were younger and starting out today, I might choose digital. It is flexible, lightweight and can share across devices, which are all terrific assets. That said, I like giving my eyes a break from the screen, and I just enjoy the tactile nature of paper. Also, I periodically need a place to stash business cards, checks, and other pieces of paper, so it works for me. I love that we can choose whatever suits our own needs1

  2. I’ve always used lists to help me prioritize and accomplish, but they have evolved over the years. For the past five or more years, I’ve used the “2Do” app, which I love. It gives me the ability to add items to a specific day (now or in the future.) So I never lose things that I want to accomplish because I have a trusted place to capture them. This is one of the points you made and it’s essential. The other piece you mentioned is to actively use your list. It’s not enough to write things down, but you also need to review and adjust as the day and week progress. I check my list in the morning, throughout the day, and before bed. If any items remain, I move them to another day. I like to wake up without any leftovers from the previous day. It’s a flexible, reliable system.

    As an aside, this is my first visit to your January “Selfie” series. It looks like you’re having a blast with this one. What a great idea! Didn’t you do the video series last year? I love the way you try new things. Way to go, Seana!

    1. January is a month when I challenge myself to try something new and different each year. Thank you so much for the affirmation, Linda:) I “touch” my list all day long as well. It is how I keep track of the many things that are whirling around in my brain. I find that my list gets tweaked and changed as the day unfolds. For example, I have a client this morning, but she has a sick child at home, so we are making some changes to our initial plans. That is the way life is, so it is good to have a system that allows us to flex and change direction as needed. Having a place we trust – like your app- is a great way to relieve stress and worry about getting things done!

  3. I’m also a list maker. I make my list of things to-do the night before so that I don’t lose sleep trying to remember what’s on my schedule. I also use a paper planner. It gets a little messy from time to time as I reschedule things or as clients change their appointments but I love the tactile nature of it. I tried digital and admit that I like that it can go with me everywhere but I missed being able to see the actual events at a glance. I’m loving your daily posts, Seana.

    1. Thanks so much, Diane. I love my paper planner. Using paper makes it easier for me to schedule client with whom I often talk on my cell phone. I also like having a place to hold the few paper items I have or am given. BUT, I acknowledge that both options can be terrific, so whatever you like, go with it, right?

  4. I use paper and pencil for lists. it”s outdated but it works for me. I also list events on a paper calendar. I like to see the whole week at once and look back easily as well.

    I do keep some notes on my phone but they are not regular to to lists-more like books to read or movies to see.

    I would be lost without those.

    1. I also keep those lists on my phone… movies, books, etc. The rest of the time, I use my paper planner. I have a couple of clients who love their paper calendar to be able to see the big picture. Whatever works is the best tool for you!

    1. I love that custom-designed a solution that works for your needs. That is a very smart solution. We don’t have to be limited by what others are doing or what we can buy. We have the option to identify what we need, what matters to us, and then craft a solution just for us. There are many different ways to tackle this task, and they all work – as long as we trust them and use them:)

  5. I label my tasks as:

    Priority 1 (must be done today)
    Priority 2 (must be done this week)
    Priority 3 (do it this week if possible)
    Priority 4 (do it only if all other tasks are complete)

    But I’m not good at sticking to the priorities, especially when it comes to 3 and 4. Thank you for making me think about this a bit more clearly!
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    1. I tend to put off the “#4” category myself. The weird thing is, the days that I am the busiest tend to be the days I am most likely to tackle those lower priority items. I guess I don’t have time to talk myself out of doing them:)

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