“Selfie-Discipline” #12 – Recycle Magazines

Even though e-readers have become popular, many people enjoy a hard-copy magazine or two. Some of us love paging through picture catalogs. Both of these are fine! A problem arises only when we allow them to pile up.

In order to keep magazines and catalogs at bay, first establish a space in which they will live, such as a basket. Once a week, flip through your collection and recycle those you are finished with. If you aren’t sure whether you will should hold onto a magazine, follow the “one in/one out” rule. When the next issue arrives, recycle the previous one, whether it has been read or not.

The good news is, almost all items in a catalog can be viewed online, so you can still shop even if you have recycled the paper version. The same is true for many magazines. Never keep a magazine because you feel guilty that you paid for it and haven’t read it. You don’t spend money to feel guilty!

Keep these items circulating so you always have a little reading, but never too much.

Do you still read paper magazines and catalogs? How many would you guess you have in your space right now?