Managing Holiday Clutter

Ever feel like your home gets out of control during the holiday season? If you do, you are not alone. A large number of items invade your space during the month of December, and it takes some effort to keep them from taking over.

Here are a few suggestions for taming common holiday clutter.

What holiday items come into your home during the holiday season?

28 thoughts on “Managing Holiday Clutter”

  1. What a beautiful and timely infographic! I love how you share all of these great ideas for containing the holiday extras (aka clutter!) I especially like the bin for “festive” wear. How fun!

    Wishing you and your beautiful family a lovely, clutter-free Christmas and holiday season!

  2. This year I happen to be hosting a lot of holiday gatherings. I’ve found I needed to clear off a kitchen shelf for all the special food items for these events so my husband and son know not to eat the things in this designated area.

    1. Yes, food is DEFINITELY one of the “holiday clutter” items. Good one, Sarah! How fun that you are hosting a lot of holiday gatherings. I often have to put notes on food items to let my husband know what he can (and more importantly cannot) eat at any given moment!

  3. Your infographic is perfect for helping be more organized during this time of the year. I could definitely use a bit of help, especially with where and how to store gifts so totally appreciate this ?

    1. Lots of think about during these next couple of weeks. I find that most people get inundated with “extra items” in December, so sometimes just a few minutes of planning can alleviate a lot of stress. Merry, Merry!!

  4. I too love the infomatic. I love the festive wear organizing basket. It is fun to be able to put something on spare of the moment. The basket allows you to be spontaneous and organized. Who said those 2 concepts were mutually exclusive?

    1. Wishing the same back to you and yours, Diane! I hope the holidays bring serenity and joy.. and perhaps a jingle or two from your “festive wear” basket:)

  5. Oh the wrapping supplies do me in. Because I pull them out and then have no home for them, they just hang around until the holidays are over. It bugs me, but I haven’t found a good solution.

    1. I have found that many people keep the cards year after year, and also many copies of the card they sent. As you said, this quickly takes up a lot of space!

  6. Oh my goodness, all of this! The gifts to wrap – the ones to hide and the ones that can be out in the open. Plus all the wrapping supplies and the scraps and the decorations and the giant tree that takes up a whole room!

    1. One year we got a tree that seemed right when it was sitting on the side of the mountain. So we cut it down, loaded it up, and brought it home. To say that it was WAY TOO BIG for our living room is an understatement. We still laugh about it, which means it was really a success, right?

    1. The festive-wear basket has received the most comments! I’m finding it all over in clients’ homes, so I knew it needed a solution. I decided to do an infographic because December is so crazy busy, it needed to be a “quick read” :)!

  7. Hi Seana,

    I love this and what a fun graphic! I do a lot of on line holiday shopping that can be wrapped and delivered right to the recipient. That helps with holiday clutter.

    I do recall when my children were young , trying to find hiding places for the stash of birthday and holiday gifts that came just a few days apart. I got so good at it that I had to make notes about where I put what! Fun times!

    1. Those are happy memories indeed! As children get older (and smarter!), it gets more challenging to keep those secrets hidden. I do a fair amount of online shopping/shipping as well, especially as my loved ones are spread far and wide.

  8. All great ideas. I hate to recycle the cards because they are so beautiful but after Christmas when the dust settles I read them again and then recycle them. Then I look forward to next year’s cards.

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