How to Organize a Drawer

Organizing a space can feel overwhelming. Sometimes we aren’t sure where to start. Here is a little video on how to organize a drawer. The same principles can be applied to a variety of spaces, including a shelf, medicine cabinet, closet or cubby.

Have you tried organizing a drawer or shelf? Would you try this approach? I’d love to hear about your results!

25 thoughts on “How to Organize a Drawer”

    1. I find those tiny crayons all the time. I also find tiny pencils that have been sharpened down so small that you can hardly hold them. I say these have “lived a full life” and can now be passed on:)

  1. What an excellent video! Aside from how clearly you described the junk drawer organizing process, I also really liked how you video production. The text overlay, music and photography are terrific. Way to go, Seana!

    1. I’m trying, Linda! Your videos inspire me. I could have done better with the lighting, but I was eager to try speeding it all up so people could see that I actually did it pretty quickly! Thanks for the affirmation:)

  2. Great video. Very doable. I find organizing a small space like a drawer creates momentum and confidence to work on a large project. I love the containers you used. I use them all the time.

  3. Great video, Seana! Ah, the infamous junk drawer! I make the drawer the smallest drawer in the kitchen. I do have a screwdriver in my junk drawer. Instead of having a flat head and a Phillips, I purchased one with removable bits that store in the handle to save space. I found if I can find items that have multipurposes, it works more effectively in this drawer.
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    1. Sounds like a neat little screwdriver! I actually keep mine in a drawer in my dining room. Close enough to grab but not in my main supplies drawer. They are handy to keep around!

    1. It is so easy to get distracted when you start walking things around, right Diane? I always keep a separate container for these items. Sometimes it is fun to actually see someone do the job, so I thought a video might be helpful.

  4. We don’t have a junk drawer but we have a junk basket and it drives Cassidy mad. He dumps it out and then we go through it all every so often. Some stuff stays in there forever. But most doesn’t. I like to put it all back together.

    (it is a lousy day, isn’t it? Although the sun just came out!)

    1. Come on sun… but I think we have a yucky day ahead tomorrow. Hope we don’t get too much snow! Maybe if you had some subdivisions in that basket it wouldn’t get too bad. The good thing is that you go through it periodically- that is the key to accumulating containers:)

    1. There are some “common offenders” that end up in junk drawers, but always a few interesting finds. One of the best parts of my job is how much I learn as I cull through belongings with clients. Just the other day I learned that old herbs are great to feed to chickens… oregano is apparently a natural antibiotic. Who knew?

    1. We can all get so easily distracted if we get up and start walking around, right Nancy? I always ask clients to wait and keep “elsewhere” items together until we either reach a break point or finish our session. Hopefully seeing the whole process from start to finish will be motivating for people who want to give it a try!

  5. Great video, Seana! I love that you recognize how a screwdriver could make its way into the kitchen junk drawer — too common of an occurrence in my household! I finally dedicated one small compartment in our “everything” drawer to our “Home Tools:” a small hammer, screwdrivers (flat & Philips), needle-nose pliers (why my husband needs these is beyond me!) and standard pliers. It kept us from having to run to the garage to get a screwdriver to change out batteries or retrieve a small hammer to break open a stubborn pistachio. I have to say that is one of my favorite features of our junk drawer! Kudos to you for helping inspire others to bring order to this key space in every home.
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    1. I have a screwdriver in my dining room drawer for that exact same reason, Cary. Observing how we use items helps us get organized. Sometimes that means taking note of items that we think shouldn’t be in a particular location, yet seem to keep ending up there!

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