When You Stumble

What to do when you fail.

This is my spaghetti story. One night when my children were little, I made spaghetti for dinner. As I turned to serve the meal, the bowl caught the edge of the table and the spaghetti went flying … everywhere. In the hour it took me to clean it up, I even found sauce on the underside of the table.  Today this is a family joke.

Stumbling is a normal part of life. Sometimes our failures are small, and other times they feel catastrophic. Mistakes tend to increase in frequency when we walk on unfamiliar ground, as by definition we don’t yet know when to duck, leap, pause or turn. The good news is that blunders signal that we are truly challenging ourselves. Missteps may slow us down, but they can make excellent teachers if we are willing to learn.

Have you made mistakes as you’ve pursued your resolution this month? Have you had to stop and clean up some messes? Good for you! Keep reaching and trying, and congratulate yourself for having risked enough to learn something. When it comes to achieving goals, it is okay to spill a little pasta along the way.

4 thoughts on “When You Stumble”

  1. A new goal this year is having my son make his bed each morning. It’s obviously a work in progress. I made the mistake of fixing one of the blankets and as you can imagine he took offense to it! I’m working on letting things go. He’ll get it eventually, right!?!

    1. That is very hard! I made that mistake myself, and I underestimated the impact that coming in after the fact and “fixing” had on my children’s motivation. The upside is that bedrooms have doors that can be closed, which I found very useful (especially during the teenage years!)

    1. I think that is such a good point, Janine. It is unrealistic to think we will never fail. I’m not sure it is even desirable, because some of the lessons we learn best are from times when we feel we fell short. Smart woman, your Mom:)

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