Tomorrow You Can Try Again


Some days I am happy to see the sun go down. Try as I may have, things just didn’t go according to plan. Those days I can feel like a failure, and am happy to bid the day, “Good Riddance!”

There is something magical in the rhythm of night and day. Every 24 hours we get the chance both to end one day and start another. Often, when we wake up, things don’t look as grim as they did when we went to bed. No matter what goes wrong today, it is comforting to remember that we can try again tomorrow.

When we try something new, we are likely to experience some frustrations and backsliding. Every day won’t be a victory day, but we don’t need to let it defeat us. Instead, we can watch the sun go down, and remind ourselves that we have the privilege of a second chance just a few hours away.

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2 thoughts on “Tomorrow You Can Try Again”

    1. Isn’t this just such a wonderful gift. I’ve had many days when I was quite thankful for the chance to try again on a fresh day. Have a great Sunday Janine!

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