Reward Yourself

Rewards for Progress

Embracing discipline in a new area is tough. Often we start out strong, but the “thrill of the challenge” quickly fades away. It’s easy to get depressed and feel that life will never be fun again.

Periodic rewards can be powerful motivators. Anticipation can keep us going when we would otherwise be tempted to quit. Whether it is an ice cream sundae as a reward for eating healthily or the promise of a nap on Sunday in return for getting up early all week to exercise, little enticements provide something tangible to look forward to.

As you pursue your resolution this month (and beyond), be sure to reward yourself for achieving intermediate milestones. Placing something desirable just out of reach will help keep you moving forward.

6 thoughts on “Reward Yourself”

    1. I once worked in the gaming industry, and I learned a lot about the power of rewards to keep people playing. Whether it is a complimentary drink or a room, we will “keep going” if we believe something good is just around the corner.

    1. I once rewarded myself with a new pair of sneakers for achieving an exercise goal. Then I never got around to buying the new sneakers. As it turns out, my daughter had been waiting for me to buy the new pair, and reminded me to do so. She was as happy for me as I was for myself. We had a little celebration, and that stuck with me!

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