Think You Know Clutter?

Being a professional organizer is a privilege. I have the honor of being invited into people’s private lives. The job is fun, challenging and educational. I have learned so much over the years, mostly because clients have educated me about their belongings.

Just for fun, I thought I would share an updated version of the Clutter IQ Quiz that I shared with attendees to the recent organizer’s conference. Even the professionals were not able to identify many of these items. Want to test your knowledge? Scroll through and see how many you can identify! (Answers at the end of the post)

Item #1


Item #2


Item #3


Item #4


Item #5


Item #6


Item #7


Item #8


Item #9


Item #10


Item #11


Item #12


Item #13


Item #14


Item #15


Item #16


Item #17


Item #18


 *     *     *     *     *

How many did you guess?




  1. Ash Tray, Candlewick Glass
  2. Banana Bunker, to keep bananas “safe” in a bag or lunchbox
  3. Brayer, used by artists and crafters
  4. Bread brick for a Longaberger basket (heat it to keep bread warm)
  5. Cocktail strainer
  6. Seed packet holders to label crops in the garden
  7. USB chargeable hand warmer
  8. Hard drive
  9. Microwave popcorn popper
  10. Nose hair trimmer
  11. Pitch pipe
  12. Portable wifi hotspot
  13. Retractable lint roller
  14. Silver dollar
  15. Topsy Tail, for making a fancy pony tail
  16. Wii controller charger
  17. Zester
  18. Zig-zag attachment for a sewing machine


23 thoughts on “Think You Know Clutter?”

    1. You aren’t a professional, so you shouldn’t expect yourself to know. As I said, many in the room didn’t know a lot of them. In my view, this is one of the things that keeps my job so exciting – I learn every day!

  1. Hey, I got 10! I used to do a thing on Facebook called “SkillSet’s What The Heck Is That? Files”. There were several things that were never identified – maybe I should send the pics to you! 🙂

    1. Shows that all of us encounter things that we can’t identify. I love the fact that clients teach me new things every day. Feel free to send over unidentified objects… I’m sure someone knows!

  2. Haha most I did not know. I can see #1 now. I have always wondered what # 5 is and still don’t quite get it. You just never know what you might come across in clients homes. I wonder if they even know what they are?

    1. #5 is something you put over the top of a cocktail mixing glass to pour into the glasses without having the ice go in. It is my experience that my clients usually know what their stuff is, especially Moms. I love how I get to learn new things every day:)

  3. What fun! I didn’t get three of them. #2, #7, #18. It’s funny that when we pull these items out of where they normally are, we forget what they are used for in the home. Maybe we should move everything around in our home to see if we would remember what they are and where they go. Then, if we don’t remember, we can get rid of them. =) lol

  4. Your quiz was such a fun exercise to do at the NERCPO conference. I loved it! While I enjoyed taking the test, I didn’t do that well. I think I got 7 or 8 of them. But I had fun playing along and making up stuff. I think the kitchen is the room that generates the most unusual or hard to identify items. Which place do you find the most unusual items?
    Linda Samuels recently posted…3 Unexpected Sources for Organizing InspirationMy Profile

    1. The kitchen or the garage. I’m not an expert on garage items, so I tend to come across items in there that I can’t identify. Then there is the “what is this cord for?” challenge! I love it, though. I’m always learning:) Thanks for playing along. We wanted to do something that was simply for fun.

    1. #2 was a new one on me this year. My client and I laughed a bit over it. She told me what it was, and then told me a story of her bringing it to a Christmas gift exchange and getting some wonderful guesses about what it was:)

  5. I only got four! I do have a Wii and I recognized the banana one from Amazon reviews.. and crude comments. And I knew the silver dollar and electric nose trimmer, but don’t ask me how I did!

    1. The “Banana Bunker” is actually very practical, although I knew it was be a source of some giggles:) I learn every day from my clients. It is really fun to discover the various tools and items that people have, and the stories behind them. #bestjobever

    1. Just a little fun look at a few of the items I’ve encountered in my job. I love learning new things and have clients educate me about the many items that are out there:)

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