Tips for Unplugging

unplugging and relaxing

Summer is the time to relax. Most people long to unplug and refresh. Unfortunately, with modern technology, this is easier said than done.

If you want to get a break this summer, here is a short video with a few tips for unplugging.



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What are your best tips for shutting down and disconnecting?

22 thoughts on “Tips for Unplugging”

  1. Love this and plan on taking a bit of a break to unplug mid-week for the 4th and also when we go away mid July to Disney, too. So, I couldn’t agree more and sometimes unplugging is the way to go 🙂

    1. Wishing you a wonderful Independence Day, Janine. I know how much fun you guys have at Disney, so hoping you really do get a chance to unplug and enjoy every moment:)

  2. I have notifications turned off for most apps, and recently turned off the sound on those I have, realizing it’s not that big a deal to turn it back on if I’m expecting an important message.

    I got a bit more tied to my phone during my recent family health crises. Now I have to break those new habits and get back to normal!

    1. That’s such a good point, Janet. Often we begin a habit for one reason (e.g. a family emergency), but we continue it for another reason (e.g. momentum). It is helpful to be mindful of any changes we’ve ushered into our lifestyles and keep reaffirming that they align with our current priorities.

    1. Thanks for the compliment, Kim! I do love being able to sit and work outside in the summer. Just walking away from the phone, even for 20 minutes, can be so invigorating. I don’t check my phone when I am with clients, and I find it surprisingly refreshing. Allowing myself to focus one one thing feels like a treat… what a world we live in, right?

  3. What a great video (nice seeing your beautiful face!) I love all of your unplugging tips. It’s so important to get some freedom from our tech, even if it’s just for an hour in the morning or stopping the “checking” at a certain point at night. Your tip about wearing a watch is great! I normally wear a watch and don’t use my device for checking the time. However, I know that many people don’t do that anymore. And now, there are the Apple watches that make this even more challenging for some…now we have the ability to wear our tech. Yikes!

    The biggest takeaway here is that we all need time to unplug and decompress. And summer is the perfect season to try some experiments.

    1. Such a good point about the wearables, Linda. One the one hand, so convenient, but on the other hand, too convenient. I love wearing a good old watch. One time when I totally give myself permission to unplug is when I’m with clients. They are paying for my attention, and I won’t allow myself to be diverted from them. It’s been fascinating to see how freeing that feels… almost like a treat to simply focus on the task at hand without being on call. What a crazy world we live in, right?

  4. You have such a nice presence in front of the camera! You’re going to be a great “Paige Davis” on the 12th. 🙂
    One thing my husband and I do is to keep our phones in the kitchen at night and out of the bedroom. You need to have tech-free safe spaces in your home!

    1. Aw, thanks Sarah. I hope I make NAPO-CT proud! I always ask my husband to turn off the phone and ipad. The constant “binging” doesn’t bother him at all, but I can’t sleep. I need that space to be free of technology.

  5. Great tips! I love the tip about wearing a watch. I find that much easier than looking at my phone for the time, and then getting distracted by social media, emails, etc.

    1. I love wearing a watch. It’s a lot easier to surreptitiously check the time on your arm than on your phone, and I even enjoy the “jewelry” aspect.

    1. That sounds divine! Being on a ship can be a great way to force the issue, as wifi and cell service are often spotty. Hope that time is coming up soon for you two:)

  6. It’s got to be intentional in unplugging. There are 3 key ways I keep my commitment to unplugging. I keep my phone in the kitchen at night starting at 8 pm and don’t go back until 630 am. I only use my devices at designated times during the day. When I am on vacation I set a time each morning to review emails and then I am off the rest of the day. If you make a plan, and stick to your plan, you will be able to enjoy the time away from devices.

    1. Yes, intentionality is the key. I think this is a struggle that we will continue to deal with. I see it in the younger generations. When my children, it was about “limiting screen time.” Now, schoolwork is online, so this is more challenging. Ultimately it comes down to believing there is value in imposing limits on ourselves, and then (as you say!), sticking with the plan!

  7. I love the mid-week unplugs. It’s easier on weekends, of course, but sometimes I designate a day for it where I go and enjoy something that takes up most of the day. I love doing that and always feel great about it.
    I also have daily, weekly, monthly unplug times. Like dinner with the kids. NEVER a screen. Ladies night out? Never. Times with grandparents. NEVER. And all that stuff happens a lot.

    1. How wonderful to have a few “non-negotiables” for unplugging… times when you know you will put devices down and focus on live interactions. A mid-week unplug almost feels like playing hooky, doesn’t it? Such a treat!

  8. Some really great reminders Seana! With my work tied to the online world and handling social media for clients, it became much harder for me to unplug. But I guess even a few hours daily will do. When I had sleep issues before, I started putting my phone away from me before bedtime and it worked. Now, I’m back at it again. LOL. Trying to go back to my old habit of no phone in bed though.

    Loved seeing you in this video!

    1. A little “live” vision of me:) I always plug the phone in downstairs. I have a landline next to my bed for emergencies, but it is something of a release to just walk away and rest without feeling I need to be checking!

  9. These are really great tips. Mid-week unplugging sounds awesome but would be quite challenging for me. I believe it’s much easier to do so when I’m at home. As I’m still dependent on my gadgets not just for social media but for GPS and other urban survival kinds of stuff, unplugging right at home own home is more comfortable. Now that I think about it, I can just stretch the time after my long hot bath and relax without turning on my devices until after breakfast the next morning.

    1. There are no hard and fast rules for when is the right time to unplug. We each need to find some space that works for us. A long hot bath, followed by relaxation, sounds divine:)

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