6 Things to Skip on Busy Days

We all have days when we wake up and there isn’t a minute to spare. It can be hard to prioritize  when being pulled in many different directions. Here are few things that you can skip without guilt on busy days.


What do you tend to skip on your busiest days?

29 thoughts on “6 Things to Skip on Busy Days”

    1. I’m with you, Janine. I can get on Facebook and suddenly realize 1/2 hour has flown by. Definitely need some healthy boundaries around that one. Twitter can be the same for me!

    1. Oh, I loved The Jungle Book. Great reference! It is amazing how time can disappear, and it is so easy to turn to when you have what can be perceived as an “insignificant” amount of time. Sometimes I literally need to put it in sleep mode and walk away.

    1. Somedays the paper plates make a big difference, right? Especially if you have a crowd. Do whatever you can to make meal prep easier. It’s getting everyone fed that matters most:)

    1. Times when loved ones are experiencing a health crisis are busy indeed! Everything else gets moved to the back burner. Sometimes periods like these can open our eyes to things we previously spent time on that we didn’t miss. It is so interesting how rough times teach us lessons that good times often do not. Hope he is feeling better, Janet!

  1. I am reading this today of all days when I am super busy with clients’ tasks. I do believe you need to cut out non-essential tasks in your day. I also find that taking a break helps you refocus on the next task. And, not forgetting to stop for lunch is important too. Even when we are busy, we can get more done when we are alert and effective. If we don’t spend time taking care of ourselves, we will not be 100% aware of what is going on and what truly needs to be done. Thanks for the reminder, Seana.

    1. Fueling your brain and body is always important, but especially on crazy days. My husband tends to skip meals, and then realize hours later than he is hungry. For some reason, my stomach never lets me forget to eat. I do need to remind myself to keep hydrating!

    1. I also skipped an errand today and rescheduled for tomorrow. That was just going to work better for me, and give me time to focus on what I need to do today. Good luck with Cassidy being away:)

    1. I used the foil tonight and it made me happy:) Sometimes it is giving myself permission on a few little things that can make all the difference!

  2. What a great list! I try very hard not to do this, but on super busy days, there have been times when I skip doing my back exercises or mindfulness meditation. I don’t like to skip them because frankly, they help me feel more centered and relaxed, especially on those busy days. But I think the part that I like so much about your list is that you are giving us permission to cut out some less essential things that take time when we don’t have time.
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    1. I’m so glad that I am not the only one doing back exercises! I do them every morning… I tell my family that fear of hurting my back is a pretty powerful motivator:) You’ve captured the essence of the post, Linda. There are going to be days when we can’t do everything we plan, and that is ok. Do what you need to survive the day, and then get back on the horse tomorrow.

  3. Probably everything in the Important-but-not-Urgent quadrant of the Eisenhower Matrix can be skipped for a day or two, or a week, as long as it doesn’t become a habit to skip them. And food — it would be cost-prohibitive to order food all the time, but there are more and more ways these days to have healthy food delivered.
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    1. I love that there are healthier options for take-out these days. I love what Panera offers, but unfortunately ours closed:(

    1. Once I start, I lose track of time. I’m trying to put some boundaries on my internet time… periods of day when I will pursue something else if I have a few minutes.

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    1. That is a real challenge for so many people. They must be online, so avoiding the temptation to click over to a “fun” sight is hard to resist. It is worth the effort to find a work-around as so much time can disappear so easily!

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