Polly Loses Track

Leaving things out in plain sight so she won’t forget them isn’t working so well for Polly.

Have you ever lost track of something important because it got covered up by daily clutter?

22 thoughts on “Polly Loses Track”

    1. The kitchen counter/island is probably the most common place for this type of situation, right? Putting things out as a visual reminder seems like a good idea, but never seems to work as well in reality!

  1. You’ve captured the crap trap that is a horizontal surface! And can I just say that the granite counters in the pictures are pretty impressive looking. Your artist does a great job with detail.

    1. I will make sure the artist sees this comment because I couldn’t agree more! Those horizontal surfaces sure are hard to keep clear!

  2. This happens to even professional organizers. That’s how we know it doesn’t work. Well…..it DOES work if you really only have ONE important thing out at a time. But how often is that the case? Hence the adage: If you can’t find something, clean up.

    1. I always tell clients that the only person for whom this “technique” works are the ones who absolutely cannot stand to have anything out. In most cases, it gets buried and forgotten and ultimately swept away.

    1. The biggest challenge for keeping organized piles is other people who don’t respect the system:) How many times has someone else come in and plunked something down on top of my visual reminder? Especially on top of paper. Paper is just too easy to lose track of!

    1. I love that you identify with Polly. That is the whole idea, to help everyone see that we all struggle with the clutter and complexity of life. At least we can laugh, right?

    1. I think most of us do this… and it just doesn’t work very well. For people in multiple-person households, it is particularly ineffective. It is just too easy for piles to get stuck on top:)

    1. Post-its are great. I have recently started to really love the “full adhesive” ones, where the sticky part covers the entire back of the note instead of just a strip along the top!

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