Polly’s Computer Update


Do you get notifications that your computer, phone or tablet needs an upgrade? If you are like Polly, this isn’t something you look forward to.

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Can you relate? What is your reaction to an update notification?

29 thoughts on “Polly’s Computer Update”

    1. I hate when you think you are doing a minor update and then you open your computer or phone and everything is different. Change always takes effort!

  1. I have a few such updates nudging me now. For the most part, the updates generally are fine. But like Polly, we’ve all experienced updates which end up creating so much havoc with other programs…that no longer work, or don’t function the way you expect them to. I know that updates are necessary, just as change is necessary and to be expected. But there is that “cringe” moment when trying to decide whether or not to do the update. And then if you do the update, cringing again and HOPING that it will go smoothly.
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    1. I’ve had that happen with an update on my website. Suddenly no one was able to comment, and many posts got messed up. It took time and money to get it straightened out, so I’m afraid I tend to cringe!

    1. Yes, it is that fear that as soon as you hit ‘update’ something is going to go wrong. We’ve all been there, so it isn’t a fear that comes out of nowhere. I cringe as well…

    1. What an excellent point, Melanie. Lack of sufficient space can turn an update into a major issue. That’s one more thing to keep in mind before pressing the button to update:)

  2. I love updates and finding the new features. It’s like Christmas day for me when I see update available. I don’t want to jinx it but I generally don’t have problems with updates. I have friends who when they update anything it is a nightmare. Knocking on would my luck continues

    1. Ah, lucky you Jamie! I’ve had many updates that are friendly and productive… and a few that threw everything off. I’m still trying to stop swiping my phone to wake it up:) Wishing you a future in which the update gods bless you!

    1. I’m with you, Susan. I cringe and cross my fingers, especially with blog updates. Sometimes it is a big change (e.g. trying not to swipe my phone to open it), and sometimes it is a mess (aka money & time to fix.) Sigh…

  3. There’s something about the speed of change that makes me think about these updates. Technology is ever updating and we know that. It’s coming at us faster than we can anticipate and we delay making the updates because we don’t feel comfortable with it. I love this cartoon that reflects all of our feelings!

    1. I agree, Ellen. Technological updates used to be exciting, as we anticipated the new exciting feature. Today, our tools change daily, which can knock us off balance and create anxiety. Sometimes, an update brings such significant change that our old system no longer works. All of this justified these feelings of apprehension as we get ready to press “update!”

    1. I always hit “remind me later” and put them off. Janet Barclay suggested I wait when there is a website update until we hit later versions – that’s been a good tip!

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