Polly Battles the Clutter Devils

Every time Polly tries to clear the clutter, these little devils start whispering in her ears.

Polly battles clutter devils

Do these little devils make it hard for you to declutter? What do they whisper in your ear?

35 thoughts on “Polly Battles the Clutter Devils”

    1. You were right, Janine. This comment did go to spam – that’s weird, right? Did you get notified that this had happened or were you guessing as I hadn’t responded? And yes, these little devils can work against our good efforts to make progress!

  1. I think we all feel like this sometimes–even Professional Organizers! My favorite is ‘I might be valuable.’ It takes a lot to convince clients that just because an item is labeled a ‘collectable’ doesn’t mean that it will someday pay for your kid’s college education…

    1. Isn’t that the truth? It is a hard thing to come to terms with the fact that items which used to be in high demand – and were quite costly – may no longer be worth anything. I run into this with things like sets of china and antique furniture. I’m sure you encounter the same!

    1. I love the idea of altering the recording… I think many of us see this altered soundtrack start to emerge with our clients. I love when they start to see things in a fresh way, a way that makes it easier for them to achieve their goals.

    1. Definitely Hazel, all of these little devilish messages swirl around us when we try to declutter. It can be almost physically painful to try to shut these voices out. I love Linda’s comment about bringing a new recording, a new soundtrack into our clients’ minds.

    1. I think this is actually what I love about her, Janet. We actually all have been there… Everybody struggles at one point or another, trying to make a decision that feels difficult. Knowing we aren’t the only ones feeling stressed hopefully alleviates some of the shame and self recrimination that we often experience.

    1. I think these… and many more.. devils are always whispering in our ears. These words make us feel guilty about doing what we really want to do – get rid of the clutter. But it is just stuff, it doesn’t have any innate power, so give it fair consideration, and then let it go if you want to!

    1. I’m sure you’ve encountered people struggling with all of these as well. Sometimes helpful to know that most people go through this range of emotions!

    1. Oh, Good one Carolyn! That is very hard to give away… even when we don’t like it! Again, Mom or Grandma isn’t living in the object, but we personify these things and that makes it so much harder. Thanks for the comment!

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