Polly Enjoys Summer

Ever wish you could quickly sweep the clutter up and out?

Polly uses a leaf blower to quickly sweep and clear the clutter out .

What would you like to clear away this summer?

24 thoughts on “Polly Enjoys Summer”

    1. I’ve been working with many clients on clearing out those backpacks and sorting through all of the papers and artwork that came home on the last day. It is a project, but feels great when it is completed:)

  1. My son has a sand/water table that I got the bright idea to fill with dried macaroni one winter so he could keep it indoors. Well, he loved it and the macaroni has stayed, but I’m constantly finding it everywhere! I need a power blower to get all those dried noodles out!

    1. That is such a cute idea! Still, I can imagine the pasta tidbits all over… my similar experience was with my girls and glitter glue. Once I got that cleared up, I told them “glitter glue is for school!” πŸ™‚

  2. Ahhh. The feeling of clearing the clutter is so wonderful. A few areas I recently cleared were our CDs and DVDs. I shipped the ones we no longer wanted to selldvdsonline.com. They purchase them for a nominal amount and paid for the shipping. It was an easy process. It felt good to clear some space and get some extra cash at the same time.
    Linda Samuels recently posted…How to Savor the Precious Time We HaveMy Profile

    1. Wow – didn’t know about that resource. I will definitely be checking them out! We have a backlog of those as well, so I just might do the same:)

  3. I’ve on occasion almost felt like just burning the house down…a leaf blower would be a bit less drastic! I’d like my own personal Mary Poppins or Samantha of Bewitched. I’m going to check out selldvdsonline too.

    1. I often wish to wiggle my nose and “ta-da”… everything perfect. Also appeals to me when I’m standing in line for the TSA inspection – wouldn’t it be great to be able to blink and be somewhere else instantly?

    1. I actually have come across quite a few husbands – or so their wives tell me – who would love to pull out the leaf blower and get rid of everything! If you figure out Bewitched, lmk!!!

    1. That is SUCH a rewarding project! I hate when you try and open a drawer and it gets stuck because it is overly full of “stuff.” Perfect project for a rainy day- or a series of rainy days, depending on the situation:) Happy 4th, Marcia!

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