8 Simple Ways To Have A Bad Day

You may not be planning to have a bad day, but if you do these things, you are well on your way! A light-hearted look at what you should avoid.

Bad habits. A light-hearted look at what you should avoid.

Are any of these tempting to you? What pitfalls would you add to this list?

38 thoughts on “8 Simple Ways To Have A Bad Day”

        1. I hate when that happens. I feel awful if someone has misinterpreted an electronic communication, or if I wasn’t clear and created a problem!

    1. I read some of what Ariana Huffington had to say about sleep. It is so tempting, when we finally have some quiet time to ourselves, to just stay up and “play.” But the discipline of sleep is an investment in quality of life!

  1. What a great printable. I’m guilty of staying up late a lot. Although allergies, allergy medicine, and exercise all make me pass out much earlier. So that’s been helping!
    I don’t use an alarm clock at all, much less a snooze button. It helps.
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    1. Oh yes, have to take that allergy medicine as I’m getting into bed or I am totally useless. Love the warming weather that means more fresh air, which helps with sleep too!

    1. It always is! Tempting to stay up and have some “me” time when the house is quiet and the demands of the day have abated, but in the long run, it really doesn’t pay.

    1. Most of a blogger’s business is best handled at a screen. But for those who work in an office, sometimes it is just more efficient to pick up the phone! I finally had to make a change with the coffee habit. I was drinking cups and cups mindlessly…and then I’d be shaky, which really isn’t any fun!

  2. My worst day starts with #8 – too little sleep from staying up late. It’s a battle to get in bed early to get enough rest. I am so glad you are reminded us all of the importance of a good bedtime.

    1. Staying up can be hard to resist, especially when we have a lot to do, or crave some uninterrupted downtime. Sometimes, it just comes down to discipline. I don’t think I’ve ever regretted a good night’s sleep!

    1. I get shaky if I drink coffee all day. I started drinking a glass of water each time I finished a cup of coffee and I found it helped me not crave the coffee as much…

  3. Great advice! I was guilty of #5. Especially after starting my own business. I was working non-stop until I felt like I was going to burn out. Now I take breaks and tell myself it is ok to have a day off.

  4. Totally agree with everything! I’m now writing for a SLEEP blog and I do get to research a lot about sleep and the negative impacts of snoozing. I didn’t realize it before. I was always hitting snooze when I was still on my previous job.

    1. “Snooze” sleep is just awful sleep – doesn’t refresh me at all. I finally gave it up and now I often wake up just before the alarm. Makes for a better morning!

    1. I definitely agree, Sabrina. This is happening more and more to me, and it is pretty much beyond our control. I can make myself go to bed, but can’t always make me myself sleep!

    1. I’ve never met anyone who is 100% productive… and I have met some very impressive and accomplished people! We just aren’t wired that way. Seems to me that productivity comes in spurts. I’d rather make the most of focused sessions and then break and refresh than work half-heartedly all day. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Is this your first Infographic, Seana? It looks great! I completely agree on the snooze button. I’m much more productive and happy if I get up on time and start my day with a workout!

    1. Look at me “branching out” over here… thought I would give infographics a try. Janet inspires me to try new formats:) Run a mile for me tomorrow!

  6. These are great. I think the other thing would be to not look at the negative side of things or find the drama in things. I’ve been in kind of a funk lately, so I sat down today and did some journalling. I wrote down all the pesky little things that have been upsetting me lately and tried to come up with ways that I could turn them around to something positive, or at least not let them bug me as much. That was helpful and I’m already feeling better, although my husband is going on day 6 of the dreaded “man cold” and I’m feeling really grateful I work OUTSIDE the home…..
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    1. So sorry about the “man cold”… you’d think some of them were on their last breath! I LOVE this comment, and it really is a wonderful addition to the list. Attitude and self-talk are so much more powerful than we acknowledge. We really have the option on how we view and react to situations, and being negative actually becomes a habit. Sometimes when we are in a group where this is the vibe, we actually compete “one-downing” each other. Sending you a big smile for the weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day Adrian!

    1. Thanks for the affirmation, Deb! I thought I should give an infographic a try… mix it up a bit! Actually, the responses to this have been a lot of fun, so I’m thinking about doing another one sometime. AND of course, I’ve gotta get going on FB Live!

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