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Legos. many people ask me how should they organize their Legos™. The answer is, “it depends.”
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Legos™… the wonderful, colorful, creative toy that children love and parents struggle to contain. Who hasn’t been brought to tears by stepping on a Lego™ with bare feet? The variety of Lego™ kits, themes and pieces can seem daunting, and many people ask me how should they organize their Legos™. The answer is, “it depends.”

Children are all different, and it is important to set up a system that your child (or children) will use. After all, a system that only you will use is a failure. To figure out what might be right in your home, you need to answer 3 general questions:

  1. Do you have different sizes of Legos™? (e.g. Duplos™ and Legos™)
  2. Do you have simple blocks or do your children enjoy assembling & displaying kits?
  3. Do your children want to sort their Legos™, and if they are willing to do this, what grouping do they prefer? Examples include:
    • By Color
    • By Type (e.g. vehicles, people, blocks)
    • By Themes (e.g. Friends™, Star Wars™, Minecraft™…)

Here is a flow chart to help you figure out the best solution.

Lego Flow Chart

Once you figure out what kind of system you want, you can now proceed to getting the right containers to suit your needs. There are a large variety of bins, baskets, and buckets on the market, but don’t feel you need to run out and buy anything. You may already have items on hand that would work just fine.

Here are some ideas for inspiration…

For “active” projects, provide a surface or area where they can spread out and build. It is a plus if you can set up a method for keeping the work-in-progress project pieces together.

Lay ‘N Go Organizer

Lay 'n Go Organizer

Matty’s Brik-Kase

DIY Building Tray


For the instructions for completed kits, you can use:

Binders With Plastic Sleeves

Binder sleeves, All For The Boys
source: All For The Boys

File Box

File Box,

For loose Legos™, whether sorted or not, remember to use bins that are labeled and easy to use. Rolling carts with drawers work well, as do open-top bins on shelves or in cubbies.

Rolling Cart With Pull Out Drawers

Seville Classics

Open Top Bins on Shelves or Cubbies


*     *     *     *     *

Legos™ and other building bricks are wonderful toys that engage children’s minds and hands. Customize a solution that fits your family’s needs, and let the fun begin!

What are your solutions for organizing Legos™?

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23 thoughts on “Organizing Legos™”

    1. I get this question a lot, and children are so different. The worst is when parents set up a sorted system and the kids don’t maintain it and the mother finds herself sorting legos. That’s no good. The system has to work for everyone involved:)

  1. My sons were fine with storing legos in a large tub when they were smaller. As they grew, they wanted to build their sets and leave them built. Shelving solved that problem for us. The file box for the instructions is a fantastic idea! Thanks for sharing your tips Seana!
    Laurie recently posted…Memories of a Special DayMy Profile

    1. Putting up some shelving to display is a great idea! These kits are so complicated, I understand the children being proud of what they’ve accomplished.

    1. Consider yourself lucky that you can throw them all in one bin. There is so many options with Lego now that for many families, this is one of their big organizing challenges. Such a great toy, though, that it feels good to figure out how to sort and display them all!

  2. What an awesome Lego “thought tree,” Seana! I like how you’ve figured out all the questions to ask and organizing them in a decision-tree format. When organizing toys with parents, there are almost always Legos. And for many parents they become a source of frustration because there are so many small pieces to manage and keep track of. The systems that seem to work the best take into account all of the elements you suggest plus the “reality” check. For many of my clients and their kids, the more complex and time-consuming the system is to keep, the less likely it will work.

    The trick is balancing the right level of organization with ease of play.
    Linda Samuels recently posted…Importance of Unplugging for Possibility PerspectiveMy Profile

    1. Exactly, Linda. I bet we’ve all seen homes where Mom gets frustrated, finding herself sitting on the floor at night sorting the Legos! Some children actually love this level of organization (I’m guessing a few who might grow up to be POs!), but others find that a burden. There is no “right” or “wrong”… its all about functional!

    1. I think all organizers who work in homes encounter this question eventually. And yet, it is more complicated than it may seem, as each child and the way they use this toy differs, right?

  3. Playing with Legos doesn’t go on forever, but it can be intense when they are “in season,” right? Working with clients has made me realize that they can tricky to get and keep organized!

    1. Thanks for noticing this critical point. I’ve seen too many clients sorting Legos after the kids go to bed. If the kids don’t want to sort them, them lump them together. Likewise, if your child is particular and loves having them sorted “just so”, then honor that with the storage system.

    1. Some kids love to sort them out and having everything “just so,” and others can’t be bothered. Honestly, it shows what a versatile toy they really are, a credit to Lego!

    1. They have some pretty great products – something for all ages and stages. If she loves Legos, the collection can get pretty significant. What fun to have your granddaughter spread out and playing on your floor – that will be my next stage (but not too soon, I hope!)

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