Thoughts To Remember

As we celebrate Independence Day, I’m sharing some of the thoughts I believe contribute to freedom through organization (my motto).

Good things
Self Doubt
Too Much Isn't Good
Equip Yourself
Possessions & Accomplishments
Power of Consistency
Clutter's Costs
Indecision is Exhausting
Might As Well Embrace It
Ownership is Overrated
You Are Enough

I hope you enjoy sharing these with the people who matter most to you this 4th of July!

Which one resonates with you?

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36 thoughts on “Thoughts To Remember”

  1. I love all of these, but most especially You are enough! That is often the root of overbuying and non-editing. When we are enough we are less attached to our stuff.

    1. Amen to that, Ellen! Thanks for the FB share… I hope these quotes make people feel more at peace with who and where they are right now!

  2. I most loved “Self doubt is an inside job.” It reminds me of a crisis I was in at one point and my mom said to me, “Remember – this entire crisis is taking place only in your head. It has no physical identity. Other people can’t see it.”
    Tamara recently posted…Writer. Mama. Photographer.My Profile

    1. I’m finding it so interesting to see which ones people are drawn to. I often have the same client situation, so I can totally relate… it exhausts THEM to struggle with a decision as well!

  3. Very inspiring Seana! Gotta love the quote about your possessions and accomplishments not defining you. I try to instill that with my own kids so they’re not hung up on materialistic values or feeling like they have to ‘win’ to mean anything. They’re fantastic for being who they are. Happy 4th!
    Nina recently posted…How to Deal when Your Child Cries at Drop OffMy Profile

    1. Exactly, Nina — they are fantastic just the way they are. What lucky children to have their Mom putting this thought into their minds and hearts:)

    1. I’m a pretty quick decision maker… which doesn’t mean I always make good decisions, just that I don’t belabor them:) I have people in my life, both friends & clients, who struggle to make decisions and I see that it can really take a lot of effort.

  4. “Self-doubt is an inside job” resonates with me, but I don’t believe it’s all in my head. It manifests there because of what I’ve thought in the past, and what I’ve been taught. It’s not easy to change that recording, but we can make progress. Wonderful list, Seana.

    1. It isn’t easy to change a recording that has been running in our minds our whole lives… I totally agree. But if the message is negative, it is worth the effort to try, AND to surround ourselves with others who will speak these positive truths into our hearts over and over again. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. For sure, Hazel. I need to write down the thoughts I want to remember as I find so many of them are just “passing through” my mind these days:)

  5. I really like “too much of anything is hard to enjoy” I think that is so true!! When you think of working on having a balance in your life – anything in excess can be clutter – “It’s All Too Much” as Peter Walsh would say…… When it becomes too much of one thing it loses its appeal and/or power that it can have in our lives.
    Kim recently posted…10 Practical Strategies for De-Cluttering Your Life and HomeMy Profile

    1. Thanks Carly. Red, white and blue sort of goes with my “freedom through organization” theme. Plus, I happen to be a July 4th birthday, so I love this color combo:) Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Wonderful quotes and all of them are things that we should all give thought to. I like that you framed this by referencing independence through organization.

  7. What a beautiful collection of your wisdom, Seana! They’re all fantastic, but the one that resonated with me the most is “Now is often faster than later.” The cost of procrastination comes in many forms including the emotional, mental, and physical clutter it creates. Not everything can be done now, but when possible, it can keep things flowing a lot better. Indecision creates its own type of stuckness.

    AND…Happy Birthday, dear friend! Enjoy your special day.

    1. Thank you for the kind words AND sweet birthday wishes! Hope you enjoy a terrific 4th of July, abounding in the freedom that means so much!

  8. So many excellent quotes, and yes, especially now when we examine what freedom means, it’s worth it to question and consider freedom from the overwhelm of too much stuff.

    My favorite of your quotes is, “Don’t doubt yourself, equip yourself!” I’ve never heard that before, and I’m going to equip myself with that excellent motto. So much excellent wisdom!
    Julie Bestry recently posted…Toxic Productivity, Part 4: Find the Flip Side of Productivity HacksMy Profile

    1. While we can’t realistically do “anything,” we can do a lot more than we might think if we have the right tools (and the knowledge of how to use them). I’ve learned that there is wisdom in the word, “help,” whether applied to professional help or a google search.

  9. Happy belated birthday, Seana!

    These are all wonderful quotes from you. The one that really hits home for me is “Self doubt is an inside job”. So often we sabotage ourselves by being our own worst critic instead of stepping up and being our biggest self-supporter.
    Diane N Quintana recently posted…Celebrating the 4th of JulyMy Profile

    1. It’s amazing how we can talk ourselves down. My mother used to always tell me not to do that. She reminded me that the world would take care of that job without any contribution from me!

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