Polly’s Closet

Ever wonder how your mother looked so great when she had such a small closet? So does Polly!

Polly struggles with her closet. Ever wonder how your mother looked so great when she had such a small closet? So does Polly!

Can you relate to Polly? Which closet is more like yours?

47 thoughts on “Polly’s Closet”

    1. I love that most of us run around in yoga pants! My grandmother was a very snappy dresser and had a TEENY closet — too funny!

  1. This is perfect! I just recently went through my closet and purged all the things I didn’t wear or that didn’t fit right. It makes me feel great to only see things that fit and that I like wearing hanging in my closet.
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    1. It is a bit counterintuitive, but the closet can really be a “less is more” kind of space. Just amuses me that our grandparents had teeny closets and always looked great, and we have these big closets with organizing systems and run around in yoga pants!

    1. Yes, I can relate to your older daughter’s room… I’ve got daughters as well!!! Not sure how it works with boys, but I imagine it is similar. Just goes to show you don’t need a huge closet to look put together:)

    1. I’ve had a few clients ask me about the capsule wardrobe. I think it has potential, although I don’t recommend just getting rid of clothing you like to fit the capsule. Let me know if you try it, though, as I’d be interested to see if you like it!

    1. Thanks for the nice comment, Kathy. Isn’t it amazing how we spread out and fill whatever space we have? Fun to have a new home with a walk-in closet, though… how fun!

  2. I am constantly weeding out my closet and keep a donation box at the ready at all times. Last summer I did a minimalist fashion challenge and it really was helpful. I recommend it to folks.

    1. Love having a perpetual donation box… it is so handy to have a place to put any article we are ready to let go of! I’ve been following the “capsule wardrobe.” I’ll be interested to see if the trend takes off!

  3. Love it!! My closet is like the 50’s closet and I have envy when I visit friends and they have big walk in closets. Maybe I could be happy with what I have. It works well but I do have a habit of laying clothes across the bottom of the bed. I have tried to break this habit but it is challenging as I usually get changed at the end of the night and I feel too tired to put stuff away. hmmm??
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    1. I have a lot of people tell me they are too tired to put stuff away at the end of the night. I can totally understand this! Maybe putting clothes away just becomes a morning job instead… the clothes can sit on the bed overnight:) And yes, big closets don’t guarantee an organized life, but they certainly are nice!

    1. What a terrific project, Janet. I bet you felt terrific afterwards. I love your comment because it is a reminder that sorting and clearing and freeing space is an ongoing project. We may work in spurts, but it is never “finished” because our lives are continually changing and therefore so are our belongings.

  4. I am in the middle of those two. I read how you said people tell you they are too tired to put clothes away at night. That’s true for me! I need to Kon Mari my closet pretty soon!

    1. I agree, Marcia. My grandmother always looked terrific, and she shared a very tiny closet with her husband. I think she had fewer clothing items, took great care of them, and made the most of accessories. She didn’t throw ANYTHING away!

    1. Exactly, Kathy! Too much and I can just get stuck. Plus, I think my grandmother was a master of the accessories… a skill that saves you a lot of space in the closet!

    1. Definitely working bit by bit is a good idea. It is always easier to make decisions on getting rid of things when you can see all of the “like items” together. For instance, if you put all of your sandals in a line, you can clearly see how many you have and pick out the best ones to keep. Good luck – very exciting!!

  5. I also have a small closet although a bit bigger than the one I grew up with. I absolutely MUST get rid of anything I’m not wearing so the items I am wearing have space to breathe. As a result, I have a bag on the go ready to accept the cast-offs. Once it’s full, it goes to charity. Love the cartoon!
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    1. I love the idea of a “bag on the go” at all times. That’s the easiest way to keep the clutter from building up…just purge as you go! thanks for the nice comment:)

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