Polly’s “To Do” List

Sometimes making progress is all about having the “right” to do list!

Sometimes making progress is all about having the "right" to do list!

Can you relate to Polly in this one? Have you ever written items on your list that you already did just so you could cross them off?

12 thoughts on “Polly’s “To Do” List”

    1. Just got off the treadmill, so that’s what I need to get done – hop back on the exercise routine! Unfortunately (or not!), I’ve still got a kitchen counter covered in treats – ack:)

  1. How fun that you’re creating organizing cartoons! Is this a first or do you have a series? I totally relate to the humor. Especially on the days when “the list” is overwhelming, I will sometimes add the “easy” items that can be crossed off that don’t normally even make it on to the list just to get some momentum going. Once I get the positive hormone surge that’s caused by crossing items off lists, it provides enough incentive or reward to continue on with the more challenging items.

    Of course the “lose 10 lbs” would never appear as a single item on my daily to do list because it’s too large. I’d have to break that one down to smaller, doable daily tasks.

    Wishing you a very Happy & healthy New Year! Thanks for sharing the humor to start off 2015!
    Linda Samuels recently posted…10 Ways to Create BalanceMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Linda. We’ve got a handful of “Polly” cartoons up (you can find them on the humor tab of the blog if you are interested.) Feel free to use them if they ever serve a purpose! And I’m just like you – the act of filling in that little box is a real motivator for me. Love a completed list!!! Happy 2015 – great things ahead:)

    1. Wow – congratulations on the weight loss and on sticking to your detox! That must feel completely terrific. Getting “cleared out” definitely is an empowering way to start the new year. You are funny about your list… this way you can always do more than you planned:)

    1. I always say I’ve never met a list I didn’t like:) That “checking off the box” thing is a rush! I think my crazy is showing:)

    1. Me too! Nothing makes me happier than looking at my page at the end of the day and looking at tangible accomplishment. I’ve been known to write something down that I’ve already done, just for the satisfaction of it:)

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