Polly Tackles Clutter

If there were a definitive book on getting rid of clutter, what would it say? Polly decides to buy the book and find out.

Polly Tackles Clutter

What do you think… could this really be the answer?

18 thoughts on “Polly Tackles Clutter”

    1. As long as you keep it moving along (as in donating it and getting it out of your space when your children are no longer enjoying it), that is a pretty manageable situation:) Something tells me you’ve got your space pretty much under control, Janine!!

  1. Awww hahahah! I buy a lot of toys for my son and once I find that the parts are already detached from the body, I throw them away – no questions asked. LOL. I hate seeing toy car wheels around! They’re a hazard!

    1. I’m liking this approach, Rea. I hate seeing random stuff all over my car as well. They actually are a hazard, especially anything sharp- they become projectiles in an accident!

    1. Glad you liked it, Frances. I know that you’ve embraced this principle in a big way… hence your very organized space:)

    1. It certainly can’t hurt, Kristi! Gotta start somewhere. I often see people just bringing too much stuff into their space, and even if you are very organized, it is hard to keep things in order if there is more stuff than space to keep it 🙂

  2. haha! Well that just about says it perfectly.
    I was very broke for about.. five years.. so this was not a problem then. Sadly, I’ve gone back to wanting to buy everything.

    1. And when we are very broke, we pretty much take care of our stuff because we don’t have much. I always tell myself that I can’t just casually shop at The Container Store because suddenly I “need” all this stuff, which actually I don’t:) Sure is great stuff, though…

    1. Isn’t it so true? We complain about the clutter, but sometimes forget that we are at least partially responsible. Hope you got a laugh, Melanie!

    1. I think I’ve officially crossed from wanting more to not wanting more. Except at the Container Store, which is dangerous for me!

  3. Hahaha! I think this could definitely be part of the problem for some people. I know some people are so interested and get like a fix from getting a good deal so even if they don’t need something they will buy it because it’s on sale or a great deal. I guess if you keep doing things like this with no place to put them and if you truly never end up being someone who finds good use for the stuff you buy, it could definitely turn your house into a pigsty or you can become a hoarder!

    1. Yes, so much of what we own is terribly tempting in the store, and then when we get it home…. clutter. Just something to keep in mind when we go out shopping, right Brittnei?

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