Introducing “Polly Tries”

Introducing Polly Tries, a new comic by Seana and cartoonist Emily Evans. Polly is a 30 something woman who is trying hard to keep it all together. She is intelligent, thoughtful and hard-working, but she struggles to get and stay organized.

We hope you will enjoy getting to know Polly, and maybe identifying with her experiences. Please let us know what you think!

Polly Tries...Inbox

Can you relate to having an inbox like Polly’s?

36 thoughts on “Introducing “Polly Tries””

    1. Oh thanks, Janine. We are having a fun time putting it together. A lot of Polly is from personal experience:)

    1. So glad you liked it, Jill. We are having a lot of fun putting it together. There is actually a word for that curl in a cartoon.. but I can’t remember it:)

    1. I feel this way all the time too, Angela. So glad it could bring a smile to your face today… can’t get rid of the inbox, but at least we can laugh at it. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks so much, Crystal. We hope to bring many smiles in future months! If nothing else, we can enjoy knowing that we are all sharing similar struggles:)

    1. That’s the plan, Tamara. I’m working with Emily to bring a whole series of Polly’s experiences, hopefully to make people smile and realize we are all in the same boat:)

    1. So do we, Michelle! Hopefully we’ll be able to bring lots more “YES!” moments like this in the future:)

    1. I think I live with a couple of people who may be at serious risk of email jail. I can’t stand seeing the number in the red circle!!

        1. I’ve noticed that some activities are shifting to using more texting and FB messaging and less emailing for that very reason! And YES, of course, share away:) Hope your readers enjoy!

  1. Nothing is more powerful than poking fun at ourselves, and creating a “visual” humor is even better! Seeing funny cartoons and captions on my news feed always puts a smile on my face so I can’t wait to see more! Keep ’em coming.

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