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Updated Dictionary2As a professional organizer, I encounter situations which I’m starting to believe are fairly universal. Yet, when I try to discuss them, I frequently can’t access the perfect term… because it doesn’t exist! With that in mind, I’ve decided to give the English language some help by creating the following words:

Words That Should Be In the Dictionary

cordle \kȯr′-dǝl\ n : the tangle of cords that hangs off the back of a desk

mystercord \mis′-tǝr-kȯrd\ n : a cord which cannot be matched to an electronic device

guiltage \gil′-tig\ n : item(s) a person keeps out of guilt, rather preference or need

tupperspace \tǝp′-ǝr-spās\ n : the place where plastic lids and bowls go, resulting in mismatched storage containers

dysclearia \dis-klir′-ē-ǝ\ n : the inability to keep surfaces clear

legony \le′-gǝ-nē\ n : excruciating pain or agony associated stepping on a Lego®

babyquation \bā′-bē-kwā-zhǝn\ n : the mathematical function describing the inverse relationship between the size of a child and the amount of stuff needed to take care of him

megamesser \me′-gǝ-mes-sǝr\ n : person who can make a mess at the speed of light

teenemonium \tēn-ǝ-mō′-nē-ǝm\ n : the state of a teen’s room or bathroom

misstash \mis′-stash\ v : to stash items in a hidden place before guests arrive and then forget where they’ve been placed

freeluctance \frē-lǝk′-tǝn(t)s\ n : the reluctance to get rid of no longer wanted items because they were obtained free of charge

orgaversion \ȯrg-ǝ-vǝr′-zhǝn \ n : the tendency to avoid getting organized

Do any of these words sound like a situation in your life? What words would you add?




42 thoughts on “Words We Need”

  1. Hahaha Seana! I love mystercord and tupperspace…OH yes tupperspace! I swear, I’ve a cabinet full of lids and containers that DON’T match…go figure, lol! I would add disappin – the ability for bobby pins to get up and magically walk out of your house. I mean, I buy a pack every month, but they seem to disappear all the time. The craziest thing…I’m the ONLY female in the house! Lol! Thanks for making me laugh today Seana! Take care my friend! 🙂

    1. “Disappin” – I love it! My daughter said she would add “disaclip”… similar situation!! Have a great day, Michell. This was all about putting a smile on everyone’s face:)

  2. We had the worst tupperspace ever until my husband finally cleaned it out last week. It was scaring me! I suffer from orgaversion, clearly.
    And Des is the biggest megamesser on the east coast!

    1. I think your husband and I would get along quite nicely — way to clear out the tupperspace. The great things about most megamessers, especially the pint-sized ones, is that they are so adorable we don’t mind, right Tamara?

  3. First of all, I think I might love you and you might be the missing link in my life. After I read your “About Me” page, I almost cried tears of relief that there might be help. I suffer from dysclearia, misstash and orgaversion. Please tell me there is a cure for all of those. This post was hilarious. So happy you stopped by my place so that I met you! 🙂

    1. Oh AnnMarie… your comment is making MY day:) There is a cure for all organizational challenges! Come back any time (and if you seriously want more tips, follow me on FB cause I post lots of free, easy ideas there…) So glad we connected!

    1. Thanks, Linda. Don’t think there is anyone out there who doesn’t have mystercords anymore… I say “pitch them”… you can always get a new cord if you need one:)

    1. So true, Amber! I didn’t even realize “selfie” had been officially added. These are certainly more a part of MY daily life:) Thanks for your comment!!

    1. Thanks Rea! I had so much fun coming up with these words.. So many of us can identify with these and so many other common issues. Sometimes it is best to just laugh:)

  4. As a writer of words and a master of helping writers reach success, I think your added words should be addressed with Mr. Dictionary immediately to be included. LOL!! I enjoyed every single one of them!

    1. That’s quite a compliment coming from you, Vicki! I adore words, so I had immense fun compiling this list:) My family thought I was crazy, crafting new terms at every turn. The beautiful power of words!!

    1. I love when one of my words resonates, Jessica! So fun to find habits and situations we all share… glad you got a giggle:)

  5. Orgaversion is so me…and my daughter (especially when it comes to her room…LOL) She wanted to organize the pantry the other day, but her room looks like a tornado hit it. I’m working on my issues though, and slowly going through the house and organizing.

    1. I’m assuming the daughter is a teenager? There is a “gray period” with teens and their rooms… but if she wants to organize ANY space, gold star for her! Little by little is the best way. I’ve so enjoyed seeing people identify with these words 🙂

  6. Pulling out my “Thesaurus of new words we need”, I came across two other words for Cordle. They are Snaglecord and Orgycord.

    Thanks for the laugh!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Pam. I knew this group would really be able to appreciate some of these – very fun to put together:)

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