man trying to remember things

How to Remember Things

Memory is a big subject – much bigger than a blog post! Nevertheless, few situations are more frustrating than not being able to remember something important. Not being able to remember things makes us feel disorganized and out of control. Of course, many people find it helpful to write things down (or digitally record them), …

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When Everything Feels Out of Control

Ever look around and think, “Everything feels out of control?” This is very common, especially  when we’ve experienced a significant life event (e.g., a serious illness, a new housing situation, a new baby). This feeling can also take over when we attempt to get things in order, but someone else quickly undoes our work. Ultimately, …

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Polly’s Lost Jewelry

Have you ever hidden your jewelry for safekeeping… and then later been unable to find it? If so, you can relate to Polly in this one. Sometimes we are simply too good at hiding things! Have you ever lost track of an item you “hid” for safekeeping?

Organizing Megatrends

Back in 1982, John Naisbitt wrote a book called “Megatrends: Ten New Directions for Transforming Our Lives.” I remember loving this term –“megatrends” – and have always enjoyed considering how we will live, work, rest, and play in the future. Megatrends impact all aspects of life, including how organizing and productivity. Therefore, I’ve decided to …

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