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Stuff, Families, and Peace

Many of us have been spending quantity time with family members, and while we love each other, sharing close spaces can lead to nagging, frustration, and resentment. Here are a few tips for getting everyone on board with getting and staying organized.

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Selective Complexity Blog Title

Organizing and Selective Complexity

Ever wonder how much you should keep? The answer comes down to the concept of “selective complexity.” Understanding selective complexity will help you winnow your belongings in a way that suits you perfectly.

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Let’s Talk About The Floor

Lots of people “store” things on the floor. Is this a good idea?

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The Coffee Pot Conundrum

A friend recently told me this story, and the organizing lesson is worth remembering.

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When Your Desk Is A Mess

Whether you work at a formal desk or the kitchen island, this area tends to get quickly cluttered. Here is the solution.

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