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Minimalism & Gifts

At a recent meeting of Minimal Quest – a monthly virtual meet-up for those interested in exploring minimalism – I gave a presentation on “Minimalism and Gifts.” There might be more to this topic than you think. I hope this helps YOU have a very happy holiday season.

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Where Should I Keep Gifts I’m Waiting to Give?

Giving gifts feels wonderful. Storing gifts, and potentially hiding them, until it is time to give them can be stressful. Here are a few ideas.

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When you hear the word, “invest,” you probably think of money. Actually, we make investments in many aspects of our lives, shaping our journey in ways we may never have foreseen.

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It Isn’t Even My Stuff

As much as 30% of the “stuff” we have in our spaces wasn’t intentionally acquired by us or for our use. How do we manage these kinds of items?

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5 Storage Containers Everyone Needs

Regardless of your lifestyle, it is wise to set up these storage systems in your space today.

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