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Seana with her hands over her closed computer talking about screen free time.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 8

Being on call all day is exhausting. Turn off your screens and phones for at least some time each day.

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Seana holding a fire extinguisher

Make a Fresh Start – Day 7

One item everyone should have is a properly maintained fire extinguisher.

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Seana with a pen cup that is overflowing talking about how to clear it out.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 6

Today the challenge is to clear out your pen and pencil container. Get this in order so you can have the writing implement you need at your fingertips.

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Seana with makeup talking about refreshing your cosmetics.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 5

Seana gives tips for decluttering your stash of makeup.

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Seana with a food packet in her mouth talking about clearing out unused freebies.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 4

Seana continues her series “Make a Fresh Start” with tips for clearing out the freebies that are clogging your space.

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