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pencils with erasers. no regrets.

A Mistake I Don’t Regret

This is one mistake I don’t really regret making.

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Are You Stuck in a Rut?

Every day we make choices. It is tempting to focus on how we feel in the current moment, but this doesn’t always serve us well in the long run.

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Is Complaining Undermining Your Organizing?

While it seems harmless in the moment, the habit of complaining frequently becomes a barrier to achieving the change we desire.

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Seana standing up tall talking about posture.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 24

On this last day of talking about starting fresh with our bodies, I am focusing on one specific aspect of physical fitness: posture.

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Seana with items you might want to remove from your diet.

Make a Fresh Start – Day 22

This challenge is not, “What shouldn’t you be eating?” Rather, I am encouraging you to ask yourself, “What would I personally like to eliminate?”

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