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Heavy Merge

The other day I saw this phrase on a traffic sign. It is actually a helpful warning!

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Interview With A Shelf Genie

Ever wish you had a genie in a bottle who could come fix up your space? Alex is one of those people. I had fun learning more about what he does.

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Anchors In Your House

Recently I went on a beach vacation and I got to thinking about anchors. Can they teach us anything about our stuff?

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woman organizing a drawer

How to Organize a Drawer

Not sure how to organize your junk drawer (or other small space)? Here is a step-by-step approach that is easy to follow. Great little project for an afternoon or weekend.

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storage needs by age

Organizing Needs by Life Stage

Organizing is a “living” process. By this I mean that getting and staying organized is not something we do only once. While we may establish some systems that we carry over the course of a lifetime, we are also likely to experience shifting needs as as we age. In working with clients of all ages

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