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“Selfie-Discipline” #15 – Delete Photos

This “selfie-discipline” can be tackled when you have small snippets of time to kill.

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Polly’s Photos

Do you have a phone full of photos? Can’t ever find the one you want? Polly is having the same problem.

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When Decluttering Gets Sentimental

Are you ready to shed some belongings, but are hitting a roadblock with the sentimental ones? Recently I spoke to a group on this topic. Here are a few ideas…

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Where to Begin With Photo Organizing

Do you have boxes of disorganized photos all over your house? Are most of your photos stuck in the recesses of your phone or computer? This situation can feel overwhelming, like a chore you now you should be dealing with but keep procrastinating. Organizing photos can be a big project, but it isn’t an insurmountable

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Organizing Photos

GO! Challenge #31: Photos

Organizing Photos. Today’s challenge is to trash 31 photos.

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