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Piled Up Paperwork

This Tip Will Make Sorting Paper Much Easier

As much as I love de-cluttering, I have to admit that sorting through stacks of paper can be daunting. There are a couple of valid reasons why we might put off dealing with accumulated paper: Paper is relatively small, so it can be piled up for a long time before it interferes with the use

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30 Things to Store Day 11: Important Documents

  The digital age is in full swing, but there are still some important documents we need to store in paper form. Below are the products and resources mentioned in this video. I am not being compensated to promote any products, nor am I endorsing any particular tool. These links are provided solely as inspiration

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How To Sort Mail

Everybody gets mail. Each day we casually pick up this stack of paper and bring it into our homes. We stash it, stick it, pile it up, and cringe every time we walk by it. What is the best way to handle the mail? First of all, we need to stop thinking of it as

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cluttered desk

The Downside of Habituation

When we “get used to” things in our environment, and therefore stop focusing on them.

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GO! Challenge #30: Pieces of Paper

Organizing Paperwork. Today we are simply recycling 30 pieces of paper.

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