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Selfie-Discipline #2: Sort The Mail

One great habit is to sort your mail every day. Read here to see how to do it.

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Organizing Your Bulletin Board

A bulletin board is a handy little display space that often becomes a clutter trap. Here is how to snap it into shape.

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When Your Desk Is A Mess

Whether you work at a formal desk or the kitchen island, this area tends to get quickly cluttered. Here is the solution.

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When Decluttering Gets Sentimental

Are you ready to shed some belongings, but are hitting a roadblock with the sentimental ones? Recently I spoke to a group on this topic. Here are a few ideas…

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Organizing Tricks and Treats

Halloween is in the air. Falling leaves and pumpkins dot the landscape, and trick-or-treaters are preparing for their annual excursion. While I admit a bag full of candy is a wonderful thing, I have a slightly different selection of tricks and treats for you this Halloween. A bucket of choices that are calorie free, teeth-friendly

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