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5 Storage Containers Everyone Needs

Regardless of your lifestyle, it is wise to set up these storage systems in your space today.

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“Selfie-Discipline” #24 – Clear Out Files

Earlier in the month we talked about filing paperwork, or adding paper to our files. Today’s “Selfie-Discipline” focuses on clearing out paperwork that you no longer need.

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“Selfie-Discipline” #12 – Recycle Magazines

Magazines and catalogs naturally pile up. Once a week, cull through your collection and recycle what you won’t read.

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“Selfie-Discipline” #11 – Pay Bills

Setting aside a specific time to pay bills each week will help ensure you don’t miss anything important.

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“Selfie-Discipline” #8: File Paperwork

Today we shift to habits that can be performed once a week. Even in the digital age, everyone has a bit of paperwork that should be filed.

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