Seana’s Top Gifts of 2022


Once again, the holiday season is upon us. As much as we love giving gifts, finding the perfect present can be a little stressful. Often we don’t know what people want, what they already have, what size they wear, what color they like, how much space they have and other information that would help us find “the perfect gift.” In my humble opinion, you can’t go wrong with the gift of efficiency. Gifts that help people to get organized and be more productive deliver joy all year long.

There are many great products to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites.

[Note: I am not being compensated to promote any of these products, I just like them.]

For the person who loves order

This labeler connects to your mobile device via bluetooth and is quite versatile.

Brother P-Touch Cube Label Maker


For the foodie

These soft pretzels are completely delicious. If you freeze them upon receipt, they last a long time.

Eastern Standard Provisions Pretzels



For the fashionista

This specialty hanger is great for women who need more long-hanging (e.g., for dresses) but have only short hanging in their closet.

Cove Long Garment Hanger


These beautiful garment covers are made of a breathable fabric, instead of plastic, which is better for the fabric and healthier for the air in the closet.

The Butler’s Closet Cotton Garment Covers


For pet lovers

These lids come in handy for covering open cans of pet food. Each fits a variety of can sizes.

Contim Pet Food Can Covers


For the person whose drawers are a jumble

I use organizers like these all the time. They come in various sizes which makes them versatile.

Drawer Organizer Set


For the college student or bunk bed user

Not everyone has space for a bedside table. This little item can really come in handy.

Lib Bedside Caddy


For the person who lives in the car

This organizer hangs off the back of the headrests and has space for anything from tools to diapers.

Car Trunk Organizer


For the bicycle rider

Delta Cycle Double Bike Leaning Floor Stand

The beauty of this bike rack is that it doesn’t need to be screwed into the wall. It is easy to assemble and holds two bikes.


For kids

These hampers are so cute. They are open in the back, and would work not only for laundry but also for plush toys.

Little Stackers Hampers


For the person with a lot of baseball caps

These clear, acrylic hooks adhere to the wall in any layout you need.

Maitys Hat Hooks


For the person who likes things in plain sight

These stackable acrylic drawers make it easy to find what you need while keeping things in order.

Luxe Acrylic Drawers


For the leftover lover

Food storage containers, and especially their lids, can be hard to keep organized. This product is adjustable and corrals all the lids into one location.

YouCopia Storalid Organizer


For the tea lover…

These can be stacked, set on a shelf, or tucked into a drawer.

Suseno Stackable Tea Bag Organizer


For the person who still loves paper

A planner that is both beautiful and versatile. The packaging is as nice as the product.

Clever Fox Planner Premium Pro Edition


For the person who loves entertaining

A simple solution for organizing your Solo™ cups and a Sharpie™ marker.

Classy Cup Holder


For the traveler

With a variety of different sounds, this little machine works wonders for blocking out disruptive noises.

Travel White Noise Machine


For the glasses and/or sunglasses wearer

All the sunglasses, safely hanging in one location.

MyGift Minimalist Sunglass Hanger


For the person who eats at his/her desk

Crumbs are inevitable, and having this on hand makes getting rid of them easy.

Keyboard Vacuum Cleaner Mini


For the gamer

This stand keeps gaming controls safe and within reach.

Universal Dual Controller Stand


For the person who doesn’t have enough outlets

This little lamp is rechargeable. Once charged, it can be carried around to wherever light is needed, and it lasts for 9+ hours.

Poldina Pro Cordless Rechargeable Table Lamp


For the person who likes a tidy lawn

A handheld leaf blower clears leaves, debris, grass clippings, and even light snow with ease.

Cordless Battery Leaf Blower

For the person who has everything

A charitable donation made in your recipient’s name to World Vision. Shop the gift catalog to give everything from animals to emergency kits to hunger relief.

World Vision Gift Catalog


Wishing you a joyous, safe, and healthy holiday season!

Which of these gifts most appeals to you?

14 thoughts on “Seana’s Top Gifts of 2022”

  1. Such a fun collection of gifts, Seana! I especially love the hanger for long garments. It’s so clever. And the bedside caddy is awesome too. It looks like you had a lot of fun putting this list together.

    1. Most of the year I don’t talk about products, so I go a little crazy with this post. I love products that make us feel more organized. I also love when “putting things away after the gift exchange” makes your space look and function better. Sure beats having to figure out where to store something that you have no space for, right?

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