Seana’s Top Gifts of 2021


Once again, the holiday season is upon us. As much as we love giving gifts, finding the perfect present can be a little stressful. Often we don’t know what people want, what they already have, what size they wear, what color they like, how much space they have and other information that would help us find “the perfect gift.” In my humble opinion, you can’t go wrong with the gift of efficiency. Gifts that help people to get organized and be more productive deliver joy all year long.

There are many great products out there. Here are a few of my favorites (links are in the product names). Given supply chain delays, I cannot guarantee that all of these will be available in time for this holiday season. Hopefully if you see something you like, you can bookmark it for a future gift-giving event if you cannot get it right now.

[Note: I am not being compensated to promote any of these products, I just like them.]

For almost anyone

This little product can sit in a drawer or hang on a wall. The perfect way to keep your batteries in one spot and out of a messy drawer.

The Battery Organizer

battery organizer


For the person who is too busy to cook

This gift is great for busy families and people too busy to cook.

Uber Eats gift card

Uber Eats gift card


For the foodie

This vendor offers a variety of baked goods which have wide appeal. Makes a beautiful hostess gift if you are traveling, and can be ordered ahead for holiday delivery.

Wolferman’s English Muffins

Wolferman's baked goods


For the person with a small bathroom

A handy little holder that grips to shiny surfaces such as glass, mirrors, and shiny tiles.

Henry Essentials Holder

Henry Essentials hanging organizer for the bathroom


For the “vertically challenged”

This little stool folds up flat and is easily stored in a small space.

Acko folding step stool

acko folding step stool


For the traveler

A delightful collection of bags with pictures, titles, and even monogramming.

Bag-all bags

bag-all bags



This little item for Apple products keeps track of luggage and other items while traveling.

Apple AirTags

Apple air tags


For the environmentally conscious

An option who likes to take notes and loves to minimize waste.

Infinity reusable notebooks


For the tool lover

A great tool for maximizing storage on a wall.

Wall-mounted swinging steel peg board

swinging wall-mounted pegbaord


For the person who has gone paperless

With the growth of digital options, many people no longer need a big file cabinet. This is a nice option for storing a small amount of paper in an organized way.

Slim, acrylic file box

clear acrylic file box


For the chef

These options offer compact storage for the chef on your list.

Collapsible measuring cups

collapsible measuring cups


Comfify Utensil Holder with phone/tablet stand

utensil holder with ipad stand


For the person changing homes

A multi-purpose tool to help you hang photos and artwork with ease.




For the diabetic who uses insulin pens

This product offers a better option for storing insulin pens.



For the technophile

A charging cord that doesn’t get in the way.

Coily Cables

coily cables


For kids

Storage that is portable, cute, and lets kids see what is inside.

Whitmore Shark Collapsible Cube

whitmore storage cube


For the person with a lot of Apple® products

An option for charging multiple devices in one compact location.

Mophie 3-in-1 charger

mophie charging station


For the person who does a lot of laundry

A compact, magnetic container for disposing of dryer lint.

Magnetic Lint Bin

magnetic lint bin


For the jewelry fanatic

This tiny rack holds a lot of jewelry in a small amount of space. It’s perfect for hanging necklaces.

YAMAZAKI wall accessory rack

YAMAZAKI accessory rack


For the girl who runs

This little pouch clips onto a sports bra to hold phone and keys while you run.

Koala clip phone holder

koala clip phone holder


For the person who lives in the car

This trash can hooks to the back of a car headrest. It is waterproof and easy to install.

HOTOR car trash can

HOTOR car trash can


For the pet owner

A couple of cute pet-themed storage options for both pets an owners alike.

Pawprint Dish

pawprint dish


Bone Dry Lattice Collection Canister

Pawprint cannister


For the yoga enthusiast

A wall-mounted rack for storing all the yoga supplies.

Wallniture Guru Storage Rack

wall-mounted yoga rack


For the traveler

A great way to carry small amounts of supplies. The containers are magnetic and lock together.

Cadence Capsules

cadence containers


For the person who wants attractive storage

This container is elegant and collapsible, perfect for a living room or studio apartment.

Folden Lane Box

folden lane box


For people of all ages and stages

This little box comes with an insert and can store desk supplies, small toys, craft supplies and more.

Meori Mini DIY Box

meori mini box


For the distant grandparents

This frame is designed to make it easy for distant relatives to email photos directly to the recipients home display.

Skylight Frame

skylight photo frame


For the family shopper

This is a nice gift to a family who might not have the upfront money to buy a membership but would enjoy warehouse shopping.

Costco Membership

Costco logo


For the person who has everything

A charitable donation in a recipient’s name is always a thoughtful gift. This year we commemorated 20 years since 9/11. This foundation supports the families of those who lost their lives trying to rescue others, as well as veterans and first responders working today.

A Charitable donation to the Tunnel to Towers Foundation

tunnel to towers foundation


Wishing you a joyous, safe, and healthy holiday season!

Which of these gifts most appeals to you?

18 thoughts on “Seana’s Top Gifts of 2021”

  1. I love the lists you put together, and this one for gifts is terrific! The step stool is a great gift for the “vertically challenged.” I have first-hand experience, as you know. 🙂 As a matter of fact, I keep one of those (a purple one) in my closet for those hard-to-reach shelves. The mini Meori box is awesome, and they come in so many gorgeous colors! I considered using the outside band to attach binder clips. How clever! The collapsible shark bin for kids (with a see-through front) is adorable, and I’m sure kids will love it.

    1. I have fun collecting ideas for this post all year. Wish I had a little one in my life for that shark bin – so adorable!! I have stools in almost all of the closets in my house, and one in my car for work. That folding one is great because it takes up so little space. I can picture you on your purple stool!!!

    1. We all totally devour anything from Wolferman’s. I think getting muffins is a nice change of pace from candy or fruit. The battery organizer is a must. If no one buys you one, just buy one for yourself!

  2. I love the titles you used for who the gift is for. I liked the pegboard for tools. They don’t need too much wall space. Thanks for showing me the pouch to attach to a bra for runners. I might purchase that. There are lots of fun and interesting gifts for everyone on your list. Happy holidays

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