Make a Fresh Start in 2021

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January is a time when most of feel the “itch” to make a fresh start. We make resolutions and set goals. There is a cultural energy around the start of the new year that motivates us to pursue the change we desire.

I love the idea of a fresh start. It is optimistic, full of possibility and hope. After the year we just had, most of us are ready to shake the dust of a rough twelve months off of our feet and start anew.

Therefore, my theme for this year’s GO (Get Organized) Month is… “Make A Fresh Start.” I will be spending the month of January providing ideas on small changes you can make to improve your life. These are not big undertakings, but rather just a few simple,  positive steps that anyone can take. Not every idea will appeal to each reader. The ideas are designed so you can “pick and choose” the ones that appeal to you. However, if you are really wanting to freshen up this month, it is possible to do them all.

To keep things interesting, the “fresh start” ideas will be split into five categories:

  • Stuff
  • Space
  • Lifestyle
  • Body
  • Mind

I truly hope you enjoy these suggestions and are open to trying a few of them. There is no time like the beginning of a new year to make a fresh start.

6 thoughts on “Make a Fresh Start in 2021”

  1. I’m all in. I just need to regroup . The end of the year and the beginning of the year always take a lit of my time to handle our personal finances. Once I’m past that I can start on your suggestions.

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