Stay-at-home Scavenger Hunt

While there are better days ahead, many of us are still spending our days at home. Some moments are productive, others feel more like survival. As we enter another week of isolation, I thought it might be fun to share an activity to get us moving and relieve some stress.

Below is my “Stay-at-home Scavenger Hunt.” The goal is to find as many of the listed items as you can. After finding them (and sharing a comment and/or photo of what you found!), all of them can be thrown away.

Most of us hold onto things a little longer than we should, so this is a chance to do a bit of decluttering and maybe enjoy a laugh along the way. The list reflect items that might be owned by adults and children alike, so get the family involved and see how many you can find!

Read, set, go! How many did you find?

30 thoughts on “Stay-at-home Scavenger Hunt”

  1. One advantage to having downsized twice within 3 years is that I HAVE NONE OF THE ABOVE and, especially after the first move, I’ve become much more likely to get rid of what isn’t worth keeping and/or what I don’t use.

  2. Your scavenger hunt list is so funny! I love this list! I’m happy to report that the other item I have is the candle that is more than 75% used. I don’t have a lot like that, but sometimes I burn them down to the very bottom. Maybe that’s dangerous.

    1. I think I have a couple of those as well. I’m not sure why I hold onto them – best intentions, I guess. But when I pull out a partially burned candle for a party, I never want to use it. I think I should just leave it out until it is completely burned and then pitch it! Normally I wouldn’t be burning many candles in late April, but this cool weather is putting me in the mood!

    1. Maybe a little activity when you need a break from the screen, Janine. Let me know how many you find. I’m curious to see who has the most (I’m guessing it won’t be you, because you are very organized!!)

    1. Nice to hear from you, Neena. So far, so good with my family. Hope you are well too. Hopefully this is a nice little diversion when you need to get up and walk away from the screens!

    1. Yes, my thought was to print it, walk away from the screen and get the whole family involved. A bit of stress relief with a potential upside, right? Let me know what, if anything, you find!

    1. That is my hope, that it will be fun. Maybe each family member could see how many they could find and declare a winner. Or, you agree to put a quarter into a bowl for each item that is found and then use that money for something fun for the whole family.

  3. I am happy to report that all I have from your scavenger hunt list is a singleton sock(s) and a 2019 calendar. In full disclosure, I like to save calendars because I enjoy going back and looking at what I did at same time the year before and who I spend time with.
    This was fun!!?

    1. Thanks for taking on the “hunt” and letting me know what you found. I figured the organizers wouldn’t have many of these, but still fun to look:)

  4. LOL! This is too cute. I actually just went on an outdoor scavenger hunt with my son to fulfill his PE requirement for homeschool today. Maybe I should have him do this one next! Think he could get homeschool credit for it?!

    1. Well, I would certainly vote for homeschool credit for working on decluttering and organizing. Where do I put in my vote? Let me know what he finds!!

  5. I can’t decide whether I’m winning or losing! I have an iPod Shuffle; does that count even if I still use it?

    The only other things on the list that I have are VHS tapes — the goodbye video made by my boss and colleagues from the TV station where I worked from 1992-1998, and TV shows I recorded that aren’t available streaming (that I hope to transfer to digital.

    This is a stellar (and funny) scavenger hunt. Brilliant!

    1. I’m going to say “yes” to the Shuffle. That one counts for sure. I have some old home videos that are still on VHS. I threw a bunch of VHS tapes away last week and found them. I want to get them digitized so I can watch them in the future. Funny what you unearth when decluttering, even in your own home!

    1. I hope it can be a nice diversion for families who are running out of ideas of fun things to do in the house. It is still chilly here in CT (as I’m sure it is in Canada!), so nice to have an activity that gets you up and away from the screens:)

  6. This is hilarious. We have many dusty old lollipops – I’m sure of that. And we are really needing some morale. MA just called off school for the rest of the school year. What strange times our kids will grow up to talk about.

    1. So sorry to hear about the school cancellation. I think CT will be next. This really is a crazy year. I’m praying for all you Mommas out there, trying to balance the many responsibilities. Hope you can have a little fun with the kids hunting out some old stuff. If you gather items to a table or something, I’d love to see a photo! I finally let go of a lot of old VHS tapes last week.

    1. Maybe you will be the big winter. Gather the family, dive in, let everyone compete to see what they can find… and then it all can go in the trash:)

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