Productivity “Bad Ideas”

Being productive isn’t easy. Distractions are everywhere. While we cannot completely control our environment, we can avoid behaviors that might be sabotaging our efficiency. Here are eight “bad ideas” to resist.

What do you think of these productivity “bad ideas?” What might you add to the list?

33 thoughts on “Productivity “Bad Ideas””

  1. Last year was the first year, I finally decided to completely turn-off while on vacation and not post any photos while I was away. It was a godsend as I did indeed not have to feel a pull to respond to comments and/or those wanting to reach out while I was away and on vacation. So, I totally can agree on that one and a few more on your list, as well!
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    1. It is so freeing, especially for those of us who participate on social media for professional purposes. We all need a little time when we don’t have to be “on call,” right?

    1. My husband and I have definitely taken the “divide and conquer” approach to household tasks. I would be lost doing what he does, and I don’t often ask him to go to the grocery store:)

  2. I love this infographic! These are all great tips, Seana. The one about not posting vacation photos while you’re away is one I always follow. During my last summer vacation road trip, I took a social media hiatus – I didn’t post anything, or check social media, and it was great to just live in the moment. When I returned, I made a digital photo album of my best pictures from the trip, and shared those all at once.
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    1. Exactly, Nancy! We should be in the moment while we are on vacation, not worrying about putting up photos on social media. There is always time to do that when you get home. I don’t think we fully realize the impact that taking/posting photos has on the way we experience our lives.

  3. I love this list of “bad Ideas!” I found that when I worked with home organizing clients, that many of them got into the habit of saying, “I will place it here for now.” Almost every one of them mentioned it at least once in our sessions over the many years of organizing. I found myself changing my behavior because of it, I now say, “if I walk past it, I will take care of it.” So, things on the steps and items in different rooms get put away quickly. It has helped me maintain my organized office and home.
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    1. That’s a great phrase, Sabrina! I have to agree that I’ve taken on some new habits as a result of my work as well. I think we end up being more intentional about how we manage our own possessions as a result of focusing on this issue with clients.

  4. All good ideas as usual. I like the Sunday night one. Getting home late on Sunday night gets the week off to a bad start and sometimes the whole week is impacted. I never want my phone near my bed. When we are in a motel room we both put it on airplane mode and do not disturb. Otherwise we hear the constant dinging of spam coming in all night long. An alarm clock or wake up call is our favorite.

    1. My husband sleeps through the alerts on his phone & ipad, but I hear each and every one. We both have regular clocks at home, but when we are on vacation, I need to remind him to silence everything, and put his phone on a washcloth or something so it doesn’t vibrate loudly all night long:)

    1. I think we’ve all had times where returning from vacation on Sunday night seemed like the best option. But I totally agree… once you’ve done it, and lived through the difficulty of returning to work a few hours later, it no longer seems worth the extra day!

  5. Wow! This is a great list of ways to undo productivity. I am a big proponent of keeping a common charging spot for all devices in the kitchen. Everyone gets a great night’s rest, especially parents.

    1. It takes intentionality, and perhaps a bit of negotiating if you have teens, but it really is a gift of rest and refreshment to all to keep those phones out of the bedroom!

  6. These are wonderful “bad” ideas! That sounds like an oxymoron. But seriously, these are excellent habits to adopt. I have to admit that I’m guilty at times of sharing photos while away. That probably isn’t such a great idea, but sometimes I get carried away with sharing something beautiful and can’t help myself. Next time, I will be more mindful of your smart advice.
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    1. It can be so hard when we are really enjoying something spectacular on vacation, right? It isn’t a hard and fast rule, but for some, the photo taking & sharing interferes with true disconnecting and refreshing. As with all things, pick and choose what works for you!

  7. You made this? It’s brilliant!
    #7 is timely to me because I was just on vacation. I would always post things a day off – I never check in to somewhere while I’m there. And we had a house sitter. Still, though!
    And the Sunday night one is tough!

    1. I think #7 is getting the most response, so this is clearly a hot topic. I think we are all learning how to share the joy of our experiences while still protecting our privacy and downtime. Agreed on Sunday night, but worth the effort to get the week starting off in a calm direction!

    1. Someone else mentioned having a house sitter if photos were going to be posted. I think that is very smart! “Life skills” is something that many of us assume we will acquire automatically during the growing up process. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen. I know a lot of things now that I wish I had been more intentionally taught growing up, even if they seem very basic.

  8. These ideas are terrific, Seana. Who doesn’t need reminding?
    Another bad habit, one that I’ve talked about recently on my Instagram page, is the negative affects of multitasking. It doesn’t work because the brain cannot focus properly.
    I certainly would cringe to see airline pilots or surgeons trying to multitask!!!

  9. A great list Seana! I used to be guilty of doing stuff or arriving back from somewhere on Sunday evening and then feeling tired and disorganized on Monday mornings.

    We generally feel compelled to post some photos as travel bloggers while traveling (sometimes it is our work to do so), but we generally post very little in the moment content and generally wait to post once we are back home. It makes traveling much nicer to not be online all the time. Definitely recommend people limit social media when traveling.
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    1. Your situation is a little unique when it comes to posting photos:) If you guys even wait to post until you get back, I think most people can. Traveling is much richer if you aren’t trying to document all the time, and can truly relax and soak in the experience!

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