“Selfie-Discipline” #7 – Throw Trash Away

At the risk of sounding obvious, it is important to remove trash from your space. Believe it or not, most of us have trash lying around. It is often the little things that we neglect to pitch. Common culprits include clothing tags (we stick them on the dresser or closet shelf), candy wrappers (we leave them on the table or put them back in the bag), used contact lenses (we stick them on the bathroom counter), and disposable cups (we leave them on the desk, in the cup holder, in our sports bag, etc). Once a day, it is worth the effort to do a walk about and collect the trash.

Of course, not everything goes into the trashcan. Most of us are lucky enough to have easy access to recycling, so anything that qualifies should be recycled. Also, any paperwork with personal information should go into the shredder.

The best system is to strive to discard trash “in the moment.” You can make this easier this by having trash receptacles in every room (including children’s rooms, playrooms, living rooms, etc.) And here is one more little trick to try: when you feel yourself tempted to just drop trash in a convenient spot, imagine bugs crawling all over it. This mental image will motivate you to get it out of your space as quickly as possible.

Do you think there might be some trash tucked away in your space? Where is it most likely to collect?

4 thoughts on ““Selfie-Discipline” #7 – Throw Trash Away”

  1. I need to share the bug analogy with my girls as they are notorious for leaving their trash wherever they want to apparently. But both are still deathly afraid of bugs. So this tip might actually cure their bad habit of not disposing of their trash. So, thanks for this ?

    1. Let me know if it works, Janine. Imagery can be powerful… if they can see a candy wrapper crawling with ants, they won’t want it on their dresser, right?

  2. My husband is very neat and likes everything looking organized. Therefore I have the habit of getting rid of things pretty quickly as does he. However the cup thing does resonate with me. I hate bugs so that’s a good tip. I also tend to see bacteria lurking around and that motivates me. Just a different kind of bug!

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