“Selfie-Discipline” # 13: Clean Out Refrigerator

Few spaces experience as much use as the refrigerator, with new items coming in all the time. Unfortunately, we tend to be worse at moving food out than we are at moving it in. Therefore, one of the best (and healthiest) habits we can form is to clear it out once a week. If you do this regularly, it only takes a couple of minutes.

When you have a few minutes, conduct a quick review of the shelves, drawers, and door, removing anything that no one will eat. Maybe it is the doggie bag from last week that you never got around to eating, or perhaps it is some overripe produce. Check expiration dates and let go of what is past its prime. Lastly, grab a wipe or a damp paper towel and give the shelves a quick wash.

Cleaning out the refrigerator not only makes your kitchen look good, it also ensures that your food is fresh and safe. Furthermore, the process helps you recall what you might need to pick up next time you are at the store.

When’s the last time you cleaned out the fridge? Do you think you might do this once a week?

20 thoughts on ““Selfie-Discipline” # 13: Clean Out Refrigerator”

  1. My husband is usually the one who does clean the refrigerator out. He is seriously so good at it and thankful for that because it is the one space that I admit I am not as on top of. He usually does this before food shopping. So, I agree it is good to go through before going shopping for the next week to start out with a clean refrigerator for fresh new food purchases 😉

    1. Before trash day is the perfect time to peek into the fridge (and freezer) and pull out anything that needs to go. That way, it won’t be sitting around in your trash can adding unwanted odors to your space. Great idea!

    1. I am sort of at this stage of life as well. What is so funny is that my daughter and son-in-law always go through my condiments when they come home and pitch everything that is expired. I don’t use many condiments, so I just tend to forget what is even on the door of my fridge!

  2. This is so funny because like Janine, my husband is also the one that cleans the fridge out. I’m so grateful to him because he handles the trash and recycling twice a week. So on trash day, he looks scouts the fridge for any items that have overstayed their welcome. I am usually the one that wipes the shelves and drawers. We make a good tag team for this and other household chores.

    What I’m noticing with your daily posts is the realization that small actions have on the overall sense of organization and well-being we experience in our lives. A few regular routines or habits can keep things feeling in order. It’s when we stop doing some of these things that overwhelm and chaos can ensue. And frankly, that’s a part of life too. There are times when “life” gets in the way via emergencies, transitions, or other dramatic changes. It becomes harder to maintain during those times of stress, low energy, less sleep, and other focused.
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    1. I definitely have the impression that you and your husband are a terrific team. That is such a blessing! I think the goal of “small” habits is to get some systems in place that will serve you the majority of the time. Once a habit is established, it feels less like work and more like part of the day. Yes, there will be days and even seasons when the train goes off the tracks, so these are not activities to be legalistic about. They are just easy ways for people who aren’t naturally organized to bring a bit of structure to this crazy ride called life!

    1. While making your grocery list is a perfect time to give the fridge a clean-out. I love this idea because it pairs two tasks that are genuinely connected.

  3. Oh boy, do I seriously need to do this! I let it get a little backlogged over the holidays and yesterday I paid the price trying to rearrange get get new groceries put away. Thanks for the timely reminder!

  4. Seana,

    One of my pet peeves is a messy refrigerator. Especially dripping food and spoiled food lost in the back.
    When I open the frig, if I have time, I’ll wipe or
    toss right then and there. I find that a
    quick and easy task for me.

    1. It’s been fun to read the comments on this one. It seems like each family has a person who handles this job! I totally agree – a clean and fresh fridge just makes me happy:)

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