Sabbath Rest

Value of Sabbath Rest

I love a Sunday. This is the one day a week when I let myself be unproductive. A little time with nature tends to restore my soul. I like to sit outside with my feet up if it is warm enough.

Pursuing a goal takes a lot of focus and energy. When we are in the groove, we resist taking breaks or letting down because we fear we may never start up again. But rest is important. Relaxation allows our bodies to regroup and our brains to refresh. Pressing the pause button isn’t self-indulgent or lazy. In contrast, taking it easy one day a week supercharges our energy to get things done on the other six.

As you pursue your resolutions and goals, remember to pay attention to your energy. Discouragement can actually be exhaustion in disguise. Nurture your strength as the valuable resource that it is.

4 thoughts on “Sabbath Rest”

  1. I even skip my exercises on Sunday. We live in a society that seems to think rest is sinful. It is really necessary. tomorrow is Sunday. hoorah!

    1. I do a “mini” version of exercise on Sundays and try very hard to avoid anything that feels like work. This week I’m just back from vacation, so I’m having to do some tasks that I normally would not. I figure my vacation was an extended Sabbath. I really have come to enjoy having this one day to look forward to all week!

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