Getting to your Final Destination

This is a photo of me dropping off donations. I love doing this because it represents the last step in a decluttering project. It is important to move donations out and get them to their final destination.  Otherwise, the bins and bags can pile up and turn into another mess.

Often, we start an initiative but then fall short of completing it. Maybe we’ve stripped and sanded a piece of furniture but have never gotten around to painting it. Or maybe we’ve emptied a closet or dresser to organize it, but have never found the time to put everything back. Unfinished tasks are demotivating and damage our self-confidence.

Have you begun a project but fallen short of the finish line? Now is the time to recommit to achieving closure. Push yourself to fully conclude each step before moving on to others. Give yourself the gift of moving from “to do” to “done.”

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10 thoughts on “Closure”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the series this month. Even when I’ve missed a few days and had to catch up in a burst of reading!

  2. Oh my – I totally feel that. I usually unpack right when I get back from a trip, but we got back at 2am so of course gave ourselves permission not to do so that night. But then I didn’t unpack for two days! It felt awful and I felt unmotivated.

    Plus.. I have a donation bag I’ve been driving around with in my trunk. What the what?!

    1. That is so common to drive around with donations in the care. I talk with clients a lot about the importance to getting items to their final destination. Many times they pile up in the hallway or another room, which doesn’t do anyone any good! Welcome home from your trip!

    1. I had a similar project that sat in an unfinished state for a long time. I thought I was blind to it, and I mostly was, but I think seeing it short of completion made me feel badly about myself. I finally got rid of it, and it gave me an air of lightness. Now I try to drive each project to closure, including putting all the supplies away!

  3. This is something I need to address. i started an afghan 40 years ago! it is 2/3 finished and I have yet to do it. I would really like to do it but can’t seem to get to it. However-I need to get off STOP. Thanks for the reminder.

    1. I look forward to a photo of that afghan when you finally get it finished. Maybe this is the year! Or, if you can’t summon the energy, maybe you finally donate it to someone and let her finish it.

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