Seana’s Top Gifts for 2018


Once again, the holiday season is upon us. As much as we love giving gifts, finding the perfect present can be a little stressful. Often we don’t know what people want, what they already have, what size they wear, what color they like, how much space they have and other information that would help us find “the perfect gift.” In my humble opinion, you can’t go wrong with the gift of organization. Gifts that help people to get organized and be more productive deliver joy all year long.

There are many great products out there. Here are a few of my favorites (links are in the product names).

[Note: I am not being compensated to promote any of these products, I just like them.]


Seana’s Top Gifts for 2018

For the Christmas decorator…

I love this mat that neatly catches all the spills and dribbles commonly associated with a live Christmas tree. It is made in the USA and would be easy to slide into storage when the holidays are over.

Christmas Tree Mat


For the sports fan or parent…

This folding bleacher chair gives you back support, an arm rest and a cup holder. It has backpack straps and folds flat for easy carrying to and from the field.

Leader Bleacher Chair

Bleacher chair


For the person who lives in the car…

Cars get messy quickly. I like this organizer because it looks sharp and holds a lot.

Nalai and Co. Car Backseat Organizer


For the family on the go…

I would have loved this when my children were little. The suitcase can be quickly transformed into a stroller for toddlers when you are walking through the airport.

Mountain Buggy Bagrider


For the international traveler…

Charging electronics can be tricky when you are traveling all over the world. This adapter allows you to charge four devices at a time and works in 170 different countries. [Note: this adapter does not convert voltage for things like hair dryers and razors, it is meant for electronics.]

Universal Travel Adapter

universal adapter


For the musician…

Instruments require a lot of storage space. I like this simple hanger for a guitar. It is made out of up-cycled wine barrels from the Napa Valley.

Guitar Hanger

guitar hanger


For the chef…

Measuring cups are often hard to store because they tend to be too tall for, and hence get stuck in, many kitchen drawers. That is why I love these nestable bowls and measuring cups that store inside the bowls… no extra space required!

The Best Nest

For the environmentalist…

If you know someone who wants to cut down on their use of plastic, this is a nice idea. These food wraps come in a 3-pack and are easy to wash. They are an alternative to plastic wrap. Do be aware that they are recommended for cold storage only.

Etee Eco-Friendly Reusable Food Wraps


For the pet lover…

This leash holder allows you to walk up to three dogs at once. The handle also has a spot to hold clean-up bags.

Zoya Doggie Pal


For the beauty queen…

I love this little stand. It is a cute little holder for a makeup sponge, keeping it up off the counter so it will stay clean.

Makeup Sponge Stand

makeup sponge stand

For the far-away relative…

This picture frame allows you to upload and change out photos remotely. This would be great for a relative living far away. Just set up an account and you can keep the grandparents entertained with photos you add from your home. No memory sticks or cards required.

Nixplay Wifi Cloud Frame


For the student…

Smead Coloring Folders

We are approaching the middle of the school year, and the supplies you bought in August may be wearing out. I love these folders, as coloring has been shown to reduce stress and inspire creativity. Maybe toss in a fresh set of fine-tip markers or colored pencils to go with them.

For the fashionista…

Looking your best includes keeping your clothing lint-free. This little lint roller retracts so it can be easily tucked into a purse or briefcase.

Flint Reusable Lint Roller

retractable lint roller


For the girl with long hair…

Girls with long hair often carry a hairband around on their wrists “just in case.” This little bracelet has two channels into which the hairbands can rest, making it possible to be prepared and fashionable, all at the same time.

Maria Shireen Bittersweet Hair Tie Bracelet

hairband bracelet


For the entertainer…

This updated ice cube tray is compact and easy to use. It also provides a quick way to chill a bottle of wine.

Ice Genie Ice Cube


compact ice cube maker


For the person who wears glasses (and/or sunglasses)…

Storing glasses can be tricky. This holder is stylish, and has some extra storage space for smaller items underneath. (I saw this at a client’s home and loved it!)

Yamazaki Tower Accessory Rack

glasses rack


For the person with a tiny bathroom…

Many people lack sufficient storage in the bathroom, such as when all they have is a pedestal sink. Since it is simply practical to keep a few extra rolls of toilet paper on hand, why not store them on something stylish like this? It takes up very little space and gets the job done.

Decorative Toilet Paper Holder

For the parents of small children…

Mealtime can be messy, so I love these plate/placement combos. They capture the mess and eliminate tipped bowls and plates. I think children would love eating from them and it would be so easy to just carry the whole placemat over to the sink to wash.

ezpz Happy Mat

 combination plate placemat


For the outdoorsman…

Even those who love the outdoors need to stay connected, for safety if for no other reason. This portable charger is solar powered so you can charge even when there are no outlets around.

SolarPan Portable Solar Charger

portable solar charger

For a child…

I love this combination stuffed animal/hoodie. Kids will like the little buddy and parents will like having an extra layer on hand when needed. I think they would be perfect to keep in the car.


For the handyman….

I actually have one of these ceramic box cutters. I love it because it is super sharp, easily retracts and can be hung through my belt loop.

Slice Ceramic Box Cutter


For the person who has everything…

A gift of hope and life for someone in need. Often, the people we love just don’t need or want anything. Many charities offer gift catalogs through which you can purchase much needed supplies in the name your loved one. For example, goats and chickens happen to be a much-needed and popular item!

World Vision Gift Catalog

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This is one of my favorite posts to put together all year. Do any of them appeal to you?

22 thoughts on “Seana’s Top Gifts for 2018”

    1. That is so true, Ellen. Great for anyone to have a solar charger on hand. I’ve been through extended periods of no power (Superstorm Sandy…), and I was wishing I had something like this. Now if I could just relocate all of the trees so I could get some sun:)

    1. That really is a great little gift to have on hand, right? Three teens means your outlets are probably very busy:) Enjoy the festivity of the season, Susan!

  1. Wow! What a unique list of gifts. Those are some of the most sophisticated back seat organizers I’ve ever seen. Nice. And that bag/stroller combo amazing! We are past that stage, too, but the next generation will surely enjoy it. Along the same lines, I love that Happy mat. One of our Thanksgiving guests was in the under 2-year-old set, and it would have been useful to have that placemat for meal time.
    Linda Samuels recently posted…9 Feng Shui Hacks That Will Improve Your Energy and HomeMy Profile

    1. I’m all about anything that makes life for parents easier. I just love all these things. I agree that the back seat organizer is about the nicest I’ve ever seen. This can be handy in the “nicer” family car, where you need periodic storage but maybe also drive clients around. How fun to have someone under two around for Thanksgiving. I forget how precious their perspective on life can be… magical!

    1. My twenty-something daughter was fascinated by the food wraps. I think the idea of “less waste” is quite ingrained in the younger set, which is a wonderful thing! Putting this list together each year is always a lot of fun for me:)

  2. This is a fabulous list! I can think of people on my list who would love to receive one or more of these gifts. Thank you very much for putting this together. You have given me a little inspiration this morning!

    1. I love putting this together each year, Diane. I actually keep track all year long of anything that I think might be a good candidate. I love innovation and smart ideas. Happy shopping!

    1. It is always fun to see what is out there, right Angela? I feel these gifts are always appreciated and help people feel in control and organized, which is a wonderful feeling:)

  3. I love the World Vision Catalog. Also, the Christmas Tree Mat is amazing. And the Best Nest is something I’m about to go investigate. We just have scattered everything.. everywhere.. in the kitchen. This would be a GREAT gift for Cassidy.

    1. I would have loved that Bagrider when my children were little. It seems so simple. That’s why I love innovation – people seeing a creative way to solve a problem. This post is always so much fun to write!

    1. I love that bracelet because it is a really nice piece, even if you don’t have a hairband in it. Wishing you a very merry Christmas… maybe your grandmother would like the Nixplay! You could upload all of your wonderful photos from wherever you are in the world:)

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