Polly’s Group Text Workout

Ever been part of a group text? Polly has found it is quite a workout trying to keep up!

Polly checking her cell phone

What do you think of group texts?

19 thoughts on “Polly’s Group Text Workout”

    1. I can always tell when I’m with someone on a group text because their phone buzzes every few seconds. They aren’t my favorite, but sometimes they are the best way to communicate:)

    1. That is a good strategy. When you hear them coming in fast and furious and you are in the middle of something else, mute them and check them all at once!

    1. I’m all about laughter.. sometimes it is the only thing that gets you through a tough moment! Glad it brought a smile to your face, Julie!

  1. Polly is wonderful! Sometimes group texts can be helpful. I’ve found, however, that sometimes I’m still included in the group when my participation is no longer pertinent. Then it becomes annoying!

    1. Once you are on them, the phone doesn’t stop buzzing, right? When you are part of one where every comments requires each member to comment, even worse:)

    1. The etiquette on this one is tricky! I think you’ve gotta know the group. Some groups want everyone to respond, and if you don’t, you look like you aren’t interested. Others are more informational. As with all texts, if you don’t respond, there is always the question of whether you received it. That’s what make these so exhausting:)

    1. Yes, so true. Mine seem to come in hot and heavy when I am at work, and the client is hearing the “bzzz” and wondering what is going on!

  2. I am not a fan of group texts, but do like to work out… I think Polly has given me an idea! That 3rd pic of her doing the squat was totally me doing my goblet squats this morning!

    1. I was on a group text that “lit up” while I was at work this afternoon. My client, hearing all the buzzing, said, “You must be popular!” I hate squats. No wonder you look so great – you work out a lot!

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