30 Things to Store Day 27: “Extra” Clothing

30 Things to store


There are lots of reasons we own clothing that we aren’t currently wearing. Today we talk about what these are, and how to store them.

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Do you have clothing in your home that you aren’t currently wearing? Where have you been keeping it?


5 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 27: “Extra” Clothing”

  1. As a military family that moves from one climate extreme to another, we save clothes that will fit in 2-3 years in plastic bins that are clearly marked. This helps with storage and for moving. The vacuum bags are another great idea.

    1. I think having the bins clearly labeled is really the key. So often we are busy, and just stash items into containers, and then we lose track of what we’ve got and end up buying new anyway. Another benefit of the bins is that they can be easily stacked if you end up with a few extras. I know they aren’t great for high quality garments, since they don’t breathe, but for short term storage of children’s clothing or “day to day” items, they are great.

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