30 Things to Store Day 18: Purse/Briefcase

30 Things to store


Almost everyone carries some kind of bag on a daily basis. Where is the best place to store it once you walk in the door?


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Do you have a designated spot where you keep your your bag?

6 thoughts on “30 Things to Store Day 18: Purse/Briefcase”

  1. The dinning room is such an underutilized room. While I don’t use it for my staging area, I do use it for projects, both short and long-term. I’m going to mull over using it for our staging area since it’s right near our garage door.

    1. I have found dining room chairs to work very well. You can keep stuff up off of the floor, fairly out of sight and often within close proximity to the door. I use my dining room for projects as well since we tend to only eat there for parties and holidays.

    1. All that matters is that you have a spot that you trust and use. I love the idea of a nightstand, especially if your bedroom is on the first floor!

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