My Top Holiday Gift Picks for 2016

Sleigh.  I've put together a roundup of my favorite gift ideas.

‘Tis the season for giving, and once again I’ve put together a roundup of my favorite gift ideas. Since these gifts help you get and stay organized, these are presents that will keep giving all year long.

[Note: I will not receive any compensation if you buy these items, they are just things i like!]

Top Organizing Gifts for 2016

For the parent of small children…

Skip Hop Moby Scoop & Splash Toy Organizer


For the parent who lives in the car…

Trunk Organizer


For the hobbyist…

Pegboard Tool Rack


For the crafter…

Compartmentalized Storage Totes


For the student…

Locker Organizer


For the one who likes to travel light…

Jimmy Caseย 


For the grocery shopper…

Clip-on Grocery Bag Clutch


For the college student…

Bunk Pocket


For the cook…

Pantry Bins



Bakeware Organizer


For the one who needs more storage…

Storage Bench


For the gadget guru…

Magnetic Cord Organizer


For someone who eats at the computer…

Keyboard Skin


For the forgetful…

Auto Shut-off Outlet


For the apartment dweller…

Tack Hooks


For the dog walker…

Pet Bag


For the cat lover…

Cat Key Holder


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Have a great organizing gift idea to share? I’m always on the lookout for new ideas. Happy Shopping!

32 thoughts on “My Top Holiday Gift Picks for 2016”

    1. I wouldn’t mind if Santa brought me a few of these that I admire but do not yet own. So many great organizing products to choose from. I love writing this post each year!

    1. I thought the bag was really great. You don’t have to remember each time you walk out the door to grab all the right things, and I think the size is terrific!

  1. I agree! These gifts are great. I love the craft and hobbie organizer. I always wanted a pegboard organizer in our tool closet, unfortunately I don’t have the wall space. I had an extra dowel and a base and made my own ribbon holder. It looks so pretty, I would definitely give one to a hobbies/crafter.

    1. A ribbon holder is something that is so incredibly practical… otherwise the ribbons get all messed up! It’s funny how solving a small problem like that ends up bringing so much joy:)

    1. I don’t even have one nearby, and I wish I did. Going into that store is just fun for me! Bummer that the shipping is so much. Maybe you need to make a trip down here and stock up!

    1. I want that skin myself! My daughter has one, and I wondered about it. As soon as she lifted it off her keyboard, I immediately added it to my Top 2016 post!

    1. I totally want the computer skin myself. I’ve been spreading the word… “Hey, have you seen this great thing? Wouldn’t that make a wonderful gift?” (wink, wink, nod, nod).

    1. I love these gifts because they can be put into use right away and keep bringing joy and freedom all year long! So much fun to read everyone else’s lists as well:)

    1. Two other people have told me they love the bench. I think it is very nice looking for an affordable price. Sometime like that is so handy if you lack a linen closet (or if yours is very small)!

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