GO! Challenge #1: Tools and Appliances

Tools and Appliances. month full of small challenges designed to clear the clutter and help you get organized.

Welcome to the GO! or Get Organized Challenge. Today we begin a fun month full of small challenges designed to clear the clutter and help you get organized. This year’s challenge is simple. Each day we will clear an increasing number of items from a new category of belongings. In other words, one item on day #1, two items on day #2, and so on. Check back here on the blog to see the category-of-the-day, and a few thoughts to help get you going.

[Note: if on any day you find more than the required number of items to shed, all the better! Likewise, if you can’t find something that qualifies, you may have already cleared the clutter in this area.]

Today’s challenge is to get rid of one item from the category tools and appliances. Many of us have at least one old gadget that is taking up valuable space and never gets used. This is typically something we bought in the past, but no longer need. Common culprits include:

  • Kitchen “Uni-taskers” (trendy kitchen appliances that perform only one specific function, e.g. a hot dog cooker)
  • Garden/Household Tools (e.g. a detail sander that never worked well)
  • Obsolete Phones (e.g. a flip phone from 1995)
  • Old Exercise Equipment (e.g. an electronic abdominal exerciser that didn’t live up to its promises)
  • Personal Care Appliances (e.g. a hair crimper from the 1980s)

Because tools and appliances tend to be sizeable, today’s challenge could provide a significant payoff. Not sure where to look? Try the back of the kitchen cabinet, the basement, the garage, or under the bathroom sink… anywhere you are likely to stash something you don’t frequently use.

Once you’ve found your item, it is time to dispose of it. If you’ve unearthed something that is still functional and could benefit someone else, consider donating it. Otherwise, either recycle or trash it.

Few things are more satisfying than clearing out and making space, so it is time to get started. Please share in the comments below what you’ve decided to shed, as your choice may spark an idea for someone else!

15 thoughts on “GO! Challenge #1: Tools and Appliances”

  1. haha, can you imagine still having a hair crimper? Although I had a flat iron that was terrible and I finally had the gall to chuck it. It felt so great!
    Scarlet was looking for an old phone of ours to see if she could play games, but we realized we had thrown them away or traded them in. So kudos to us, I guess!
    Tamara recently posted…I Cry.My Profile

  2. Not my crimper! Just kidding, that was donated last year, along with the triangular curling iron. Luckily when my husband and I downsized last year I was able to finally let go of most of the small appliances that were just taking up space. Now I just need to convince my husband that he will never use the fajita maker or mini blender that are still in the boxes from 2 years ago!
    April recently posted…Simplify.My Profile

    1. The crimper is getting a lot of reaction! A still-in-the-box fajita maker definitely sounds like a candidate. Shedding clutter is definitely a benefit of downsizing… sort of forces you to take a good look at your stuff!

    1. Isn’t that the truth? Tools are so expensive that there is a hot market for gently used ones. And I know… it is cold today. I think 11 degrees on our town thermometer!

  3. Just found your blog and GO Challenge! Catching up…
    First item gone: espresso maker! We’ve had it for almost 10 years, used it maybe a handful of times, and now it’s just an albatross. Not anymore!

    1. I can only imagine how much space you freed up by letting that go, Yvonne! I just encouraged a client last week to get rid of hers… exact same story as yours. I affirm you! Thanks for stopping by, and have fun with the challenge.

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