Habits. Good habits are assets that keep us on track and help us succeed.
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Habits are powerful things. Good habits are assets that keep us on track and help us succeed. Bad habits, on the other hand, can be formidable enemies that undermine our attempts to make a change or improve our performance.

Recently, I had the pleasure of appearing on Smead’s “Keeping You Organized” series. Host John Hunt and I got to speak about how habits are formed, why they matter, and what you can do to start forming better habits today.

For readers who have never seen me “live”, here is the link to the YouTube:

You can also click here to hop over to Smead and download an mp3 audio to listen to while you are in the car or out for a walk.

Many thanks to Smead for inviting me to speak on this important topic. I hope you enjoy!

What one habit do you find most helpful for staying organized?

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23 thoughts on “Habits”

    1. So true — when I look at my day, I see all of my habits. Most of the things I do habitually take very little mental energy because I am on “autopilot,” which frees my brain to deal with the more challenging decisions and activities. Thanks for commenting, Ellen!

    1. Mindfulness is definitely important. This can be challenging when you have a houseful of little children around, but it is worth trying to develop this habit for sure!

    1. Yes, blogging is great for those “haven’t gotten to shower” kind of days. Been there! But you are such a natural beauty, I bet you don’t need a lot of primping:)

    1. That’s one of the best habits for staying organized, Janet. In fact, I think I wrote a blog post about it one time. Put it away each time and the clutter never builds up!

  1. Oh that’s interesting!! Congrats on your podcast.
    One habit I find most helpful is to really put back the things on their proper places right after using them and not wait for another day, or even another minute. It helps a lot to make sure everything is in place!

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