Polly Sorts Paper

Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you are always behind on paperwork?

Polly's Paperwork. Ever feel like no matter how hard you try, you are always behind on paperwork?

Can you relate to Polly in this one?

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    1. All I can say is, you are in good company. Paperwork is the #1 clutter culprit with my clients. We are all fighting the battle everyday. At least it is a comfort to know you are pretty normal:)

    2. This is me! Every day! I still have paperwork left to do before my husband passed away last August. It all just keeps getting rotated every time I decide “I have to go through this pile and organize it.”

      Half my piles are organized nicely in a project accordion-type folder, complete with labels so I know where the paperwork is for each project. The rest of the paper is in a pile neatly stacked in the top level of my two-tier stacker (‘can’t get to the bottom tier, though).

      Then there’s all the other stuff on my desk that shouldn’t probably be there, but I don’t know where to put it unless (or until) I get my desk taken care of. Funny thing is… my file system works great. I just can’t seem to get the projects done so I can file them!

      I used to be so organized; everyone admired my ability to keep track of so much and not let any of the balls I was juggling crash to Earth. Not anymore! Maybe it’s all the medical issues (and surgeries) I had over the past six years. I think… nope, I KNOW I’ve forgotten how to juggle those tasks and get my stuff together.

      And then there are the four cats that try to take naps on my desk while I’m working (what wonderful distractions).


      1. You know Linda, a life event like the loss of a spouse can really knock us off our game. It doesn’t mean you aren’t organized anymore, it just simply means you may need a hand getting back on track. Your situation is so typical, so don’t beat yourself up! Filing paperwork isn’t most peoples’ “favorite” task. And I’ve seen lots of photos of the cats who love to curl up on a a desk or stack of paper:) Hang in there!

    1. Then you are in good company, Gingi! Paperwork is my clients’ #1 clutter problem by far… here’s to being normal:)

      1. Whatever happened to the “paperless” society? With all the electronic gadgets, I actually know a few people who have very little paper. Why can’t I, too? Of course, I just have a really simple cell phone (no texting, Internet, etc.), a desktop computer with MFP, a laptop with a dead battery (and weighs about 20 pounds!), and a NOOK Glow Light. That’s it. I should be able to go paperless with just that stuff, shouldn’t I? Has anyone succeeded in this?

        1. Paperless is possible, but it doesn’t happen without a focused effort. It is about changing your behavior to incorporate online bill paying, auto-charging, and scanning. If you really want to go paperless, it might be worthwhile to hire a professional organizer in your area to help you get set up.

    1. Pretty universal, right Ellen? Seems like whenever I tackle a big stack of paper, there are at least some pieces in there that are now out of date. Always hopeful nothing important has been missed:)
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    1. That’s such a great comment, Kathy. It is so often the tax man who finally makes us face the paperwork! I love it:) So glad you got through it so you could arrive prepared.

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