Seana’s Top 5 Gifts 2014


The holidays are almost upon us, and for many of us that means searching for the perfect gift(s) for friends & family. If you are looking for something that offers true functional value, here are my top 5 picks for this year:


This neat product hooks onto the side of a table, sink, vanity, dresser… or wherever you need it. It comes in different colors or sizes for different purposes. The Hot Iron is heat resistant, so you can drop a hot curling iron right inside.

Holster Storage

Holster Storage

Bamboo Multi-device Charging Station

Today, almost every house has a need for a place to stage rechargeable items. This bamboo station is attractive, fits a variety of sizes, holds multiple devices, and takes up a very small footprint on your counter.

Bamboo Charging Station

Bamboo Charging Station

Quirky Powercurl Mini

If you are on the go, you know that wrapping up a power cord can be a bit of a mess. This product is easy to use. You just insert your adapter into the middle, wrap the cord around the outside, and then flip the silicon shell over the cord to hold it in place.

Mini Power Curl

Mini Power Curl

Stackable Wine Rack

Like to keep bottles of wine but don’t have a rack? This product holds two bottles, and works on a counter, in a cabinet, or in a refrigerator. If you buy more than one, they are also stackable. Handy for any bottles (1 liter or smaller) that would otherwise roll around, including soda, seltzer or champagne.

Wine Rack

Stackable Wine Rack

Wrap iT Deluxe Gift Wrap Organizer

The wrapping will soon be over… but the wrapping supplies may be in chaos. This product provides a quick and simple solution for organizing all the wrapping paraphernalia: bows, bags, paper, etc. In addition, it can be hung in a closet, making it easy to store and access when you need it.

Gift Wrap Organizer

Gift Wrap Organizer

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Of course, the greatest holidays gifts don’t come from a store: time, caring, a listening ear. But if you are looking to give someone the gift of order and peace, maybe one of these could be the perfect gift!

What gifts would you recommend this holiday season?

21 thoughts on “Seana’s Top 5 Gifts 2014”

    1. The charging station is really attractive, and provides so much functionality for very little space. I hope it works out for you.. I have clients who love it!

    1. I love it too… it fits with most decor. Definitely the best looking one I’ve seen, and very flexible to fit all kinds of devices. My clients love it:)

    1. When I saw your post this morning I had the same though, Carolyn… “It’s been awhile!” So glad to have met you through the blogosphere. I love the positive, faithful vibe of your blog! Hope you have a wonderful day:)

    1. Holsters are such a great product.. and they come in different sizes for different areas. Such a neat technology to just hang off the surface. I hope Santa brings you one:)

    1. Great minds certainly think (or dream) alike I guess:) The hot curling iron – or straightener, depending on your hair – is always a challenge. I’ve got a house of girls, so this is a must for us!

    1. The charging station seems to be getting the most comments. I love it too! It is so sleek and fits any decor. And hey, who wouldn’t want to put a wine rack (or two) into immediate use:) ?

  1. Hey Seana thank you so very much for including us in your very cool and usefull Top 5 list!!
    We appreciate this more than you know!!
    Happy holidays to you and all that are close to you!

    Best ~ Adam and team Wrap iT

    1. Seriously, if you have girls, you “get” the benefit of that Hot Iron holster. I’ve got one who straightens and one who curls, and those things burn a counter in about 2 seconds flat! The charging station is just so attractive and it can fit in the tiniest space. I just LOVE it!

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